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  1. aquapod 24

    Starting a 20g Long

    If you are still looking for a light you should look at the evolution led lights (google them).... the long rectancular 100w one should be good for nearly all corals with demanding corals like sps corals at the top (you might need a second person to confirm this).... i have the 120w light over...
  2. aquapod 24

    an idea

    Google evolution led lights... i think they have a 60w led circle fixture that you can hang from the ceiling. This should be sufficient fot zoas but you may need someone else to confirm that... i have a 120w on my 24g and it can keep sps no problem.
  3. aquapod 24

    What to Feed Coco Worm?

    thanks for the info... ill try just leaving them alone and see if that works out.... does weather you feed it or not depend on the size of tank because it is only in a 24 gallon.
  4. aquapod 24

    What to Feed Coco Worm?

    I got a coco worm from a friend and was wondering what to feed it.... giving a specific product would be preferable to saying something like "phytoplankton"... I would love to know any tips that you guys have to keep these guys long term.
  5. aquapod 24

    Droid Users?

    I got my droid x 2 days ago and I absolutely love it. I just rooted it about an hour ago so I could get free wi-fi tethering. I can't wait untill someone figures out how to put custom roms on 2.2 froyo!... anyone know how to do a nandroid backup on the droid x ?(pm me)
  6. aquapod 24

    Black or White?

    i dont like it because it makes the tank look fake or like a freshwater tank... looks very tacky imo.
  7. aquapod 24

    Troy and Andrews combined diary

    Get a few more members for your cuc (emerald crabs are awesome if you dont have any already) and if your phosphates are high you could get some phosguard from sachem (sp?) to bring them down which worked for me in addition to weekly water changes... i also have a minor algae outbreak.
  8. aquapod 24

    Leather Coral Question or Problems

    It could be "shedding" which is normal for leathers... Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  9. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    Ordered the evolution led light from reef koi.... We will see how is does and I hope it is not as bad as some of the negative reviews
  10. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    How is the ballast in the hammilton caymanc fixture?
  11. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    Are hqi bulbs with 2bases better then the one base bulbs? Is 250w overkill? Is there any notisable difference between 150w and 175W?are the lumatek ballasts any good ( can run 150w 175w and 250w all on the same ballast and you can dim the bulbs)? Would that ballast be good paired up with a 150w...
  12. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    Ya it defiantly an expensive upgrade and from what I was reading sps corals and clams will only survive and not thrive as much as they would under hqi or t5 s so I might be back at square one now..... I was looking at the 4 bulb finnex t5/LED, the 6 bulb finnex (both finnex fixtures are $300)...
  13. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    how are the maxspect leds? what model would you recomend? (thanks for all your help!!!!!)
  14. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    I showed my dad the fixture and he researched it and he found someone that it has to small of a heat sink and that it is a generally cheap fixture and he will not pitch in any moony to buy it (I disagree with him but I can also see where he is coming from because he is very skeptical) altho he...
  15. aquapod 24

    Wisdom Teeth

    i just got all 4 of mine out a month ago..... not fun to say the least.
  16. aquapod 24

    Opinions NEEDED! Is there are market for this?

    i think it would be nice if you could sell a separate auto top off unit that senses the water level and adjusts it accordingly that plugs into your main unit.
  17. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    Alright sounds good... Btw your tank is sweet. Do you have t5's on it?
  18. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    I think I'm going to get a nice looking l bracket and mount that to the wall and hang the fixture from that with the included hanging system. I hope to order it tomorrow. Do you think I would need to do something to acclimate my tank to the new light?
  19. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    Alright just making sure..... Perfect timing for one of my pc bulbs to go out, just another reason to get a new light! Just got to figure out how I'm going to hang it. Do you know of someone that makes a wall bracket or something that goes on the back of the tank that I could put those yo yo...
  20. aquapod 24

    Light Recomendations

    i dont really mind the noise because my hood right now is super loud so thats not a problem. ill look into that ATI kit. are you sure that this light isnt overkill for my tank?