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  1. j-cal

    Hitch hiker decription sorry no pics...

    Sorta, its that longish, but its actually shaped like a terrestrial millepede with round tube shaped body and feet pairs underneath.
  2. j-cal

    Hitch hiker decription sorry no pics...

    nah i have amphipods and know what they are. these are WAY more slender and much longer--it has LOTS AND LOTS of sets of legs
  3. j-cal

    Hitch hiker decription sorry no pics...

    I know what bristle worms look like and these are not those before i begin. I have a few critters runnign around my live rock that look like millipedes with distinct heads, distinct legs and a long tubular body. The are clearish and walk on legs with antennae, about as big around as thin yarn...
  4. j-cal


    I found this bugger the other day and have seen it bunches since. I havent added live rock since early january. I think its a stomatella maybe?
  5. j-cal

    Purple Monti question

    Ok. The first picture does have a slight algae problem which was promptly put under control, and has not been an issue for months. I took the first pic RIGHT after i got it so polyps weren't out, and then took the new one just now after i moved it. For scale the new growth on the lip is about...
  6. j-cal

    Purple Monti question

    I have, or should i say had, a nice dark deep purple monti cap. I have had it about 3 months midway up in a 125g with 2x175 watt 10k halide and 4x96 watt pc lighting. All the while it has been growing (and growing fairly rapidly at that), but it has gradually turned lavender as opposed to the...
  7. j-cal

    Blastos and acans!

    Here are some more and a bonus chalice.
  8. j-cal

    Blastos and acans!

    Just wanted to share some of my lps
  9. j-cal

    J-Cal's 125

    i cant get a full tank shot with my camera that looks any good. Its not actually bubble algae, but i did have a bloom of filamentous algae that periodically traps oxygen bubbles. I didn't use RO water when i started and have since purchased an RO filter and some phosphate removers, just havent...
  10. j-cal

    J-Cal's 125

    I meant to post this pic in the last one and not the repeat :D
  11. j-cal

    J-Cal's 125

    and some more! sorry about reposting the one blasto!
  12. j-cal

    J-Cal's 125

    I figured id share my tank. ITs pretty new still only about 4 months now. I run 2 175 hqi halides and 4x96watt PC. I have an overflow to a fuge/return. Currently im using tap water, but am switching over to RO shortly after having inability to keep KH where i want it. I dont know quite how...
  13. j-cal

    Bang Guy's Latest Experiment

    hows this thing going
  14. j-cal

    Why don't some zoo's seem to like my tank?

    At night look for little black and white snails. They almost look like a closed zoo during the day but they hide well anyway. You can do a search on them--sun dial snails. They eat zoos.
  15. j-cal

    choc. chip star

    I am about 99% sure that they eat meaty foods and not algae, id feed em, and again they arent reef safe so your other a;gae eaters like snails are simply not safe with a predator in the tank..
  16. j-cal


    I haved moced away for college and am now just getting to setting up my brand new nano cube. Today at a LFS i saw soem very small pipe fish snaking around rocks, i think I've found them listed on a website as "horse faced pipe fish" or dragon faced pipefish. I have to return to that LFS...
  17. j-cal


    limpets have extrnal shells if i remember correctly......
  18. j-cal

    Ph Help

    Bang do u dislike marine buffers in general or just the brand he is using? And why?
  19. j-cal

    Critters for LS bed??

    Bang--are Cirratulid worms the very small hair thin ones that come in on LR/LS or must they be bought seperately? I have some thin worms like this but i am unsure of the type.
  20. j-cal

    MY Water Paraments.

    This might be more curiosity than an answer but do you use tap water or ro/di? from all my years at my lfs it seems that some people just dont do xenia well despite keeping more "difficult" corals. it seems like mroe of these people use rodi. This leads me to think that xenia like slightly...