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  1. vmarius1

    white spots taking please

    Over the last few days, hundreds of white spots have been appearing on my back glass and heavily concentrated on my heater. At first I thought it was excess calcium. But if I look close it appears the have a semicirculat to circular form to them. They are too small to photo. They don't appear to...
  2. vmarius1

    Water changeout issue

    Thanks, I assume I can get this stuff at LFS. I will try in AM if things don't improve.
  3. vmarius1

    Water changeout issue

    The ammonia was 0 before the frag died. It died only because of shipping. I was thinking of another water change but good tip on the carbon
  4. vmarius1

    Water changeout issue

    Last night I had a very small frag die and this morning noticed Ammonia in tank. I removed the dead coral and did a 20% water change the way I always do. Now all my corals are closed up and fish are hiding (breathing normally) but have a clown that is verticle in tank right at the top of the...
  5. vmarius1

    How do I get copepods?

    Jon, I don't know how long you have had your tank going but it took over 4 months for my LR to give up the PODS. I've never seen themfor sale live, just frozen...sorry
  6. vmarius1

    Heavy Breathing... Help

    I have a perc. clown that started breathing heavy. I moved him to my quarantine tank when I noticed a white scale on him. Since then, I have found out that when they are coming down with Ick or some other problem they will all of a sudden start breathing heavily. If your other fish are not...
  7. vmarius1

    Clown found new home

    I wonder what the offspring would look like
  8. vmarius1


    I have a 58 gal equipped with 2 65w actinic, 2 65w VHO and one power glo. Cheap way to go but effective. I have shrooms, all kinds of Polyps, Zoos, feather dusters bubble coral, candy canes, Xenias, star polyps, etc. All do well. I introduced a clam about a month ago and he seems to be doing...
  9. vmarius1

    Clown found new home

  10. vmarius1

    Help with ID please

    My LR is starting to bloom with stuff I've not seen before. In particular, I have about 20 things growing that look like the end of a Q tip. They are white, the size of the end of a Q tip, has a mouth and fuzzies around it. Any ideas????
  11. vmarius1

    Shroom question

    I have 3 large elephant ear mushrooms on one smaller rock. The other day, I noticed several babies were under them and I can't see how they are getting any light or food. Is it better to move the parents or the babies. How should I do it?
  12. vmarius1

    Please help ID

    thanks Dogstar, I'll keep an eye on them. Hopefully they are PODS.
  13. vmarius1

    Please help ID

    This morning I noticed for the first time about 6 critters crawling on my glass. They are small, about 1/4"-3/8" so I can't get a picture of them. They are tan in color, appear to have 8-10 legs and antenna. They are similar in looks to a brine shrimp but do not swim, just crawl on the glass...
  14. vmarius1

    Fraggins Shrooms Problem

    Maybe they are magic mushrooms..............................
  15. vmarius1

    Tank Heating Up, Need Help!

    1) make sure it's not your thermostat. 2) It's getting warm outside. Is your air conditioning coming on? 3) make sure your tank is not in a hot spot that the air can't get too.Put a themomat above your tank to see if it's as cool as your house. remember, the lights will raise your temp. Compare...
  16. vmarius1

    Mother Blenny

    Anyone have any experience with a mother blenny?
  17. vmarius1

    anyone use a de-ionizer????

    I looked into purification systems but, as you said, they are expensive. I bought the DI for $70
  18. vmarius1

    Bubble Coral Is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hey crzy, I did the same with my opal bubble about 6 months ago....he went crazy when he got into med-low flow with a little less light, to the point I fragged a couple of babies from him and they are all doing great.
  19. vmarius1

    Xenia coral question

    I got one on a turbo snail shell (dead) and was only 1" or so....Four months later, there are 4 individuals on the shell about 5" tall...they grow like weeds. I spot feed using DT's live Marine Phyto.
  20. vmarius1

    clam not looking good

    have you been spot feeding?