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  1. quakstar

    problem on lights for 90gal bowfront

    I had a 72 gallon bow and found that hamilton makes a fixture narrow enough to fit on bow fronts and they are nice I have one on my tank and it has 2x250 and 2 T5
  2. quakstar

    id my damsel plzz

    from what i can see it looks like a honeycut damsel
  3. quakstar

    Corals arrived from today - WOW!! & Need help identifying "mystery" coral

    No if they did a pretty good job Tieing it too a rock I would leave it. It will not attach unless it has a chance too
  4. quakstar

    All White Clowns? Link inside...

    I personally love some of the new breeds of clownfish this i believe is that Mac Snowflakes... I think alot of the beauty comes from the eye of the beholder and the rareity of having a fish that no ones else has....
  5. quakstar

    Sad day...!!!

    It is a sad day of what has come to this site... I was gone all weekend and came back. A few months back it would have taken me 2 days too catch up on all the posts I had missed. Now i come back and there is barely 2 pages of new posts. And now I am scrolling through the few new posts that...
  6. quakstar

    My big paly from Flricordia

    envious those are the palys i wanted from him
  7. quakstar

    two yellow tangs and two hippo tangs

    NO that tank size is hardly big enough for one yellow tang not even big enough for a blue tang so especially not one of each
  8. quakstar

    Can I cut my Toadstool like this?

    I think you would be better off to turn the lines the other way it will heal faster if you cut from the top down and it will have the heads already started but i am really not all that familiar with fragging so wait till reefkprz or someone else that knows better
  9. quakstar

    problem with rose tip anenomes

    I can not swear but i am pretty sure those are not bubble tip anenomes they are haitian pink tips
  10. quakstar

    shark won't hatch

    as long as he is moving in there you are fine... Really just give it time, I was dying to go after mine with scissors when i had my egg bc my lfs said it would be like 5 weeks to hatch and it ended up being closer to 3 months. But i actually woke up in the middle of the night and got to see it...
  11. quakstar

    shark won't hatch

    ihatched one one time and it took a long time but if you have it hanging on the side of your e to see the glass you should be able to see the shark moving inside of the egg when the lights are on inside of the tank
  12. quakstar

    skimmer suggestions for a 750 gallon

    Deltec is the bentley of skimmers
  13. quakstar

    Bang Guy!!!!!!

    This will soon be one of the most viewed threads on here oh my goodness bang guy posted pictures of the lagoon this is exciting next most exciting thing is when he comes and helps me build my own :-D
  14. quakstar

    pair of clowns

    you would proably not be able to put at BTA with them in a 10 gallon but i am personally pretty sure you would be fine with them in a 10 gallon. what i would say if you do want to do them in one. put some little live rock in there and then put a small flower pot in there for them to hide in
  15. quakstar

    New chalice

    Looks absolutely amazing!!!
  16. quakstar

    My Ocellaris and Percula have mated

    Well you know who to ask... That lady you recommended for clowns knows tons about the crossing of them!!! Just ask her... but from my knowledge i don't think they should be sterile
  17. quakstar

    NEW MONTI FRAG,is there a real name?

    I am not an expert but i am pretty sure it is not a monti, it is a yellow scoll coral it what it looks like to me but that is just my opinion
  18. quakstar

    Hd movies?

    if you play video games at all get a play station 3 it is an awsome game system and comes with a blu ray player stock it is an A+++ Buy
  19. quakstar

    Cool story about a canary wrasse

    yeah i had the same thing happen to me when i upgraded from my 30 to my 72 could not find him and then the next day went to move the tank out side with just like 2 or 3 in ches of water left in the tank and there he was swimming around. Never made that mistake again and about the hiding at an...
  20. quakstar

    Stingy Wingy needs a friend!!!! help....

    yeah plus sting rays need alot of sand bottom to play on and an eel needs rock work to hide in but if you are going to try it get yourself a top and put a 10-11 in snowflake in