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  1. iechy

    Ever heard of a fish called "Big Eye"???

    "Have you seen the new Gerbil Fish! Its AWESOME! Eyes the size of baseballs! " You know why their eyes are so big don't you? They are usually found in Richard Gere where the light is very limited:eek:
  2. iechy

    Skiimmer opinion - Prizim Deluxe vs. CPR Bakpak

    I've heard only bad things about the Prizm so I went with the BakPak and have been satisfied with it.
  3. iechy

    Brown Diatoms on sand...STILL

    I'm not trying to start a debate but more times than not people who use tap water will see more of a problem than those who don't. It's not expensive to do. I didn't have the money to buy a filter either so I go to one of those little water kiosks and it costs me .75 for 5 gallons. So I end up...
  4. iechy

    My turbos are trying to escape!

    I'm guessing you have a glass top over your tank that he's hanging on right?
  5. iechy

    Brown Diatoms on sand...STILL

    Are you using tap water or RO water?
  6. iechy

    Constructive Critismn on Setup

    I would get some more live sand from an established tank also. The stuff in the bag is full of beneficial bacteria and stuff but I don't think it has the good worms etc. that you might get from another tank. I would put in what you have and just dump maybe 5 pounds of new stuff on top.
  7. iechy

    Frogspawn concern/questions...

    This is really weird but I signed on expecting to ask about the bubble that my frogspawn was blowing only to find the pictures of yours doing the exact thing. I touched it and it doesn't seem to be filled with anything. This is myt first frogspawn and I've had it for about 5 months. It started...
  8. iechy

    Free Avatars!

    Thanks Rye:D
  9. iechy

    New Avatar Size!!!

    What am I now?
  10. iechy

    More ID Help?

    Looks like baby serpent stars to me.
  11. iechy

    Hole in my leather

    Good to see that as I have a big leather doing the same thing. I was hoping that was what was happening but wasn't sure.
  12. iechy


    I'm glad I live in the south. It's about 75 sunny and windy today. Just beatiful. Of course I wasn't saying that in August when it was 100 and there was no wind and 98% humidity.
  13. iechy

    Small Jellyfish

    Don't get attached as they probably will not make it long. If you have powerheads in the tank they'll likely only last a short while before they get sucked in.
  14. iechy

    Easy one, please respond

    I agree that some LR and LS would be very beneficial and do not add to any hassles other than cost.
  15. iechy

    MAJOR HELP with red slime algae!

    Use chemi-clean to get rid of the immediate problem and then fix the problem which is likely overfeeding or a lack of circulation. I had a minor red slime problem last year and this approach worked wonderfully for me with no adverse effects.
  16. iechy

    Lion Fish Compatability (55 gal. tank)

    The lion really won't harm anything unless he wants to eat it. They aren't agressive in the true sense of the word. They are very docile usually. Before my reef I used to keep a tank with lions and triggers and they all got along fine. I also find lions among the easiest fish to keep I have only...
  17. iechy

    Buying Nemo

    I have a two year old who made us watch it three times last night. 3 guesses what will be on the tv tonight as well. Good for me though since I have an exam tomorrow I won't be watching tv, I'll be studying...maybe:D
  18. iechy

    nocturnal starfish

    I agree with Sammy. I got a grey and white hitcher like that too. I only catch glimpses of him when I look around at night.
  19. iechy

    Looking for a tool solution......

    I have one of those and it works great.
  20. iechy

    Dead Leather?

    It depends on what you mean by deteriorating. It is likely that it is just shedding its outer layer which would be normal after changing tanks.