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    Does it effect the level of good chemicals?
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    Is it good to use carbon in a reef tank. Someone at a lfs told me that it would remove all that good chemicals in my water. ( trace elements, calcium, iodine, etc) :notsure:
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    ??????Hitchiker Nudibranch??????

    Do you have a pic?
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    Help with new clownfish

    Can that spread to other fish? Also is that the same thing a Fluke?
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    Help with new clownfish

    I recently purchase two True Percula Clownfish. I have notice that one is almost always at the top of the tank. Also they have this white filmy stuff on them. It doesn't look like ick. It almost looks like there sheading there skin. Please any advise on a treatment or am I overeacting and...
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    Can someone post a pic of.........

    I know doesn't look like much but it's still a work in progress. And I took this pic with my phone. So sorry for the low quality. :happyfish
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    new dig. camera

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    I feed mine salad shrimp. There already peeled an clean just run one under water to thaw it out and place in the middle of the anemone to feed and whach it suck it down. They are only 2-3 dollars at the supermarket. Mine just loves them. :jumping:
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    I was thinking it might be him, but he share's the same home with my brittle. :notsure:
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    One blue damsel, one scarlet shrimp, blue leg, scarlet, and dwarf tip hermet crabs. One emrald crab, brittlestar, and turbo snails.
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    I recently purchased a Sand sifting Starfish about a week and half ago and I have noticed that one of his arm is melting away. When I purchased him he looked in perfect shape. I acclimated him for 2 1/2 hrs use a drop. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening? :confused:
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    If I move some snails from the tank with ick to a different tank. They aren't going to infect the new tank?
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    I hope this isn't a dumb question. Can coral, or invertebrates ( i.e. snail, shrimp, anemone) get or carry ick?
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    How Dangerous Are Anemones?

    Basically, it's just to cover there butts. :D
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    OT- How old is everyone here

    24 I had a freshwater aquarium but now I've move up to saltwater. Pretty fish
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    My new Mantis'

    I new so go easy on me but what is a freshwater dip?:notsure:
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    pics ?

    :) I found out how to post a link now I just need to figure out how to post a pic. :mad:
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    pics ?

    no I'm just tring to post pics. there really some in size. Like 65k.
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    pics ?

    Are your pic stored on your computer or are they hosted on the web?