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  1. pufferfan

    Anemone dug in

    its looking good
  2. pufferfan

    Considering a Puffer

    i kept one in a 30 gallon for a couple of years, i would say his growth rate was average. Not too fast, not too slow.
  3. pufferfan

    powerheads for sale

    two used aquaclear 201s. Used for about a month. Still have the original boxes and all the original things that came with it. Make me an offer. Email: or just reply here. Thanx. :)
  4. pufferfan

    new tank

    As far as lights go, get the Coralife Aqualight 1x96w with the mounting legs, i have it and i love it. As far as filtration goes, just get a small hang-on filter.. like a mini penguin bio-wheel. (get rid of the bio-wheel.) Get about 15-20 #s of LR and a couple of powerheads and you'll be good to go.
  5. pufferfan

    OT: How to kill crawfish ?

    Originally posted by LeBoeuf as soon as these innocent creatures start contibuting to the property taxes then they can stay. Until such time they seek gainful employement, they will parish at my it puffboy! LOL Puffboy???? :p
  6. pufferfan

    Bristle worm pic

    c r e e p y :eek:
  7. pufferfan

    OT: How to kill crawfish ?

    Heres a suggestion, How about stop trying to kill innocent creatures that have done absolutely nothing to you. Big deal if they leave mounds of dirt, they have as much of a right to be there as you do.
  8. pufferfan

    Weird Incident with my Porc Pufferfish today

    LOL he probably just got frightend.. sorry no one replied. Glad puffy is fine now though
  9. pufferfan

    Octopus tank

    regardless of what anyone says, keeping an octo is really easy. Back when i was about 16 i kept one for a while. I had a 30 gal tank with a penguin bio-wheel filter and a seaclone 100. You will definitely want a skimmer to pull out all the ink when the octo shoots it into the water. Mine did it...
  10. pufferfan

    skunk cleaner shrimp missing

    Yeah i hate it when stuff just disappears. One time i had a snowflake eel completely disappear. Never did find him. Hopefully Pepe is okay...
  11. pufferfan

    Shaving Brush Plants?

    None of my LFS carry those things, ive recently special ordered one. They also dont know what im talking about when i say "shaving brush." Anyone know another name for them?
  12. pufferfan

    Chocolate Chip Star

    Unless your tank is Fish Only, i would take the CCSF back to the store. Some of them can be extemely aggressive. My friend had one that ended up eating several of his inhabitants. They are great for fish only tanks as long as you spot feed them silversides or krill or something.
  13. pufferfan

    how much sand?

    thanks! :)
  14. pufferfan

    how much sand?

    How many pounds of sand would be good for a 29-30gallon tank? Thanks!
  15. pufferfan


    Your tank is beautiful, you did an excellent job!
  16. pufferfan

    Hey everyone, what do you tink of my tank so far?

    very nice, glad things are going good! :)
  17. pufferfan

    How much have you spent on a fish?

    $70 for a Flagfin Angel that died in two days.
  18. pufferfan

    Starfish questions

    i kept one in a fish only tank a few years back, and it did great. Those things love to eat, so make sure you feed it regularly.
  19. pufferfan

    Remove liverock?

    I have a piece of LR that has some orange sponge growing on it. Lately the sponge has started to develop big cracks in it, and a small corner has turned black. I assume that this means the sponge is dieing. Should i remove this piece of LR from my tank? I was thinking that the sponge's death...
  20. pufferfan

    Frag swap in GA or FL?

    Angela check out There is also a message forum on there, many of the club members swap frags all the time.