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  1. redawg

    new coral/skimmer

    Originally posted by midwest reefer picked up a new coral while i was in chicago over the weekend. i believe it is a hammer, anyone have an exact id. it is LPS, right? It is my second hard coral, it is thriving already and I just put it in the tank last night. Any response on what it...
  2. redawg

    220 watts enough?!?

    i don't know about the plate coral and the bta some people might argue with but gsp and mushroom's absolutely.. most soft corals and a few lps even
  3. redawg

    pc vs vho

  4. redawg

    things that click at night...

    can try the soda bottle trick.. is it just one click or several in a row? a single click is usually a pistol shrimp. both sound the same
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    Eunicid Polychaete look in this thread...
  6. redawg

    small schooling fish suggestions

    thanks for the responses i'm gonna check into the chromis a little :)
  7. redawg

    small schooling fish suggestions

    what's a good easy to keep small schooling fish that's bright colored.. tank is a 125 and i currently have a flame angel, coral bueaty, 2 clowns, and a mandarin goby.. tanks been set up about 10 months TIA
  8. redawg

    corals not looking good

    i have 330w of pc 10k and 320w of vho 03 on my 125
  9. redawg

    can somebody help me with the time

    user cp, edit options, date and time options, time off set.. est is -5 hrs
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    which pump?

    might wanna do a couple searches on rio on a couple of reef forums and see if u still wanna use one.
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    Total Alk-Borate Alk=Carbonate Alk (levels?)

    Originally posted by Kip4130 <along for the ride>
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    OT: Need some IT help

    it's called a firewall.. do a search for zone alarm.. there's a free version and it's one of the best.
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    Take my poll, pwease? *Puppy Eyes*

    to bad soda pop isn't on the poll
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    lighting question

    i have 6x55 10k pc's and 2x160 03 uri actinics on my 125, i really like the way it looks.. unfortunatly i don't have a camera worth a crap.. not that a camera does justice anyway.
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    Fan Help

    what i did was go to radio shack and got a 12v 300ma power supply and ordered a couple 80mm fans from new egg.. all together i spent about $25 also you want the fans blowing in.. they aren't sealed and if u use them to suck out they'll get salt in em and won't last long.. doesn't matter what...
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    skimmer forsale

  17. redawg

    skimmer forsale

    1 berlin turbo w/ mag 7 and kent venturi. needin to upgrade for bigger tank.. been in use for 9 months in great condition(no cracks.. etc) invested over $300 asking $175 shipped obo
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    100-150 gallon owners I NEED UR HELP

    i'd take the water out then pull one of the middle ones..
  19. redawg

    ARO Ballast?

    Originally posted by sebae0 i have ordered from them b4 without a problem quality company with quality products. same here.
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    here read this.. that should answer most of your cal questions.. as for aragamilk.. if you have a low demand for calcium in your tank then it'll be fine using it. you say your calcium is high.. but what's your alk at? and yes if your...