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  1. stuckinfla

    what is this ???

    It is a snail, and a good one. Its called a stomatella (sp).
  2. stuckinfla

    Bubble coral woes

    35ppt is not to high. As for fresh ocean water, if taken far enough & deep enough offshore, its great for the tank. My fish and corals thrive in my tank, and Ive been using it for 6+ years. Sorry to hear about your bubble, but sometimes poop can happen.
  3. stuckinfla

    Let it be - don't mess with it, or move it? Fiji Leather

    Looks good, just be patient and give it some time.
  4. stuckinfla

    Help!! House almost flooded last night....

    Well, drained the one overflow, disonnected tubing, and right before I unscrewed the PVC I decided to stick a coat hanger in from the bottom.....#*(^$(&# SNAIL @**%&#^.....blocking water flow. Just thankful was nothing more! Thanks for the advice, will have to look into the alarm!
  5. stuckinfla

    Need Experienced Reefer advice on major tank overhaul

    start now by removing a little CC at a time.....when the rock is ready to add, most of the cc should be gone.
  6. stuckinfla

    Help!! House almost flooded last night....

    I ALWAYS do that
  7. stuckinfla

    Help!! House almost flooded last night....

    Here is crude drawing if it helps....water in left overflow is fine, water in right is @ water level of tank.
  8. stuckinfla

    Help!! House almost flooded last night....

    What made me look before I went to bed is beyond me, but it saved my floors! The water level in the tank was at the top of the center braces...thought filter was clogged or something so cleaned everthing. Bottom line...right side Durso is not draining, so what little water is in the sump is...
  9. stuckinfla

    blue throat trigger in a reef

    I had a Male and female blue throat in my 180, about 6" each. Never harmed a thing, shrimp, snails, etc... and quite timid...
  10. stuckinfla

    Wooot Its Home

    Congrats!!! A new tank (esp a big one!) is always something to celebrate! Keep us posted. :jumping: :cheer:
  11. stuckinfla

    i think its cycled?!?!

    Ammonia should be "0".
  12. stuckinfla

    how do i get rid of this?

    Originally Posted by teen just stick your hand in there, peel the whole mat of zoas off the rock, then crazy glue the greens one place, and the reds in another. problem solved. Maybe I am wrong, but should you NOT use your hands with Zoa's? They contain some sort of toxin.
  13. stuckinfla

    I.D. help on coral

    Do they close up? Sorta look like hidden cup coral.
  14. stuckinfla

    little white things on my glass what are they?

    Most copepods are not crawling around on the glass, you either must try to get a pic or do a search for identity.
  15. stuckinfla

    125 Fish Stock List...

    PS.....NO on the Manderin.
  16. stuckinfla

    125 Fish Stock List...

    I would knock out the yellow tangs, and the yellow tail damsels. If a Tang is a must, go with a Kole, as for the damsels, get yourself some blue/green chromis. As always, go slow, and ask alot of questions.
  17. stuckinfla

    Reef Complete or Purple Up?

    "I wanted to finish stocking my fish (which I am doing very slowly) before I added the corals. I want to let the tank get well established before I add any corals." Very smart....To help the color spread a little, use a toothbrush on the rock that already has some purple coraline on it. Just...
  18. stuckinfla

    reef supplements and info help please

    No suppliments (besides food) if you can not test for it.
  19. stuckinfla

    Black Powder

    I know what he/she is talking about.....I have only heard one person say that WOW their tank looks great after adding it. I worked in a LFS, and have had tanks for over 9yrs and have not added any "stuff" that the tank does not require.
  20. stuckinfla

    My semi-new reef tank...

    To much to fast for my taste.....slow down a bit. It does look nice though.