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  1. denny80688


    Voom is an ok service however I believe it is being bought by another comapny. The major problem with their service is your local channels. They rely on an off-air antenna to get locals. If you live in a large city thats fine but otherwise you will get either no local chanels (includes fox...
  2. denny80688

    new lion fish

    Ive noticed in the morning before the lights come on he is very active. and also during the day when I sit in front of the tank he likes to swim infront of me and stare out at me Thought that was kind of cool. So far hes been getting along with his other tank mates. The hippo tang is still...
  3. denny80688

    new lion fish

    yeah eats like a champ. of course the fools at the LFS have been feeding it nothing but freshwater feeders. I picked up some Krill but hes not interested. I need to find a place with ghost shrimp or silversides I guess..
  4. denny80688

    new lion fish

    Im proud to say I started the transition to an agressive tank... I purchased my first lion fish. He is about 5 inches right now. My question is.. Is it normalfor them to hang out on the bottom of the tank. He kind of pirches on his lower fins. He also swims around a lot too but spends an...
  5. denny80688

    Ro water at walmart.

    when I seup my 125 I had to call 2 different walmarts to get all 125 1 gallon jugs. They actuily had it all on a pallet waiting and loaded it into my truck for me :)
  6. denny80688

    humuhumu triger

    so hermits will be ok? I have like 30 small hermits in my tank for cleanup. only 2 snails. I consider them to be expendable.
  7. denny80688

    Needs reassurance about Emerald Crab...

    oddly enough one of mine has turned white too. Not solid white but a very very pale green
  8. denny80688

    shark pond

    Im interested in reading about some shark ponds that our members have built. maybe see some pics and get info on filtration needs. I dont have the room to do such a thing but they very much intrest me. thanks! also found this very disturbing website and thought I would pass it on...
  9. denny80688

    humuhumu triger

    Guess my info was wrong :thinking: Anyway I dont much like my emerald crabs. they spend there time hiding and I still blame them for the death of 3 of my chromis that began slowly vanishing after I intorduced the emeralds... so maybe it wouldnt be a bad thing if they were to get eaten
  10. denny80688

    i had two emerald crabs that never molted and eventually died... too old maybe?????

    since crabs have an exoskeleton in order to grow they have to shed the outside shell and grow a new one which is larger. So when you get an invert like a crab or shrimp it will shed its outside shell every few weeks/months and then hide for a day or 2 while the new shell hardens. So if you...
  11. denny80688

    Comcast digital cable

    remember with cable you dont need a box for it to work. Satelite is still the only service Requiring the use of a converter box. just split the line coming into the cable box in the other room and hook it directly to your other tv. you just wont get your channels above like 125 or whatever...
  12. denny80688

    humuhumu triger

    I have been thinking about getting a humuhumu trigger. The informatin I have read states it is the least agressive trigger and as long as its adequatly fed will not bother with most inverts. The only inverts in my tank are cleaner crew such as hermits and snails. I also have 2 emerald crabs...
  13. denny80688

    fish recommendation

    I currently have a 125gal which is extremely understocked. I decided its time to add some more livestock. Currently I have: hippo tang - 3" - 6months perc clown - 3" - 2 years 2 green chromis - 2" - 7 months about 2 months ago I bought a long nose butterfly which ended up being deseased from...
  14. denny80688

    another chromis bites the dust

    oops typo. 8.4.. now Im confising myslef Ill have to go test it again this afternoon Guess thats why you should write these things down. I used to keep a nice spreadsheet with my weekly tests now I just make sure it looks normal and dont write anything down :)
  15. denny80688

    emerald crab

    My one emerald crab is turning a whitish color... The other is still a very bold green. is he about to molt? :notsure:
  16. denny80688

    another chromis bites the dust

    I dunno whats going on but one by one my chromis are vanishing. No remains left, no amonia spike, and no more chromis... I started with 5. then every few months one vanishes. Now Im down to 2. Everything else in the tank is healthy. water params are good Ph 7.4 amonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate...
  17. denny80688

    Who has reversed HLLE?

    Im dealing with a similar situation right now. My hippo was doing very well in my 125. then I added another fish that gave the hippo Ich. While in QT the ich cleared but then developed HLLE. Now that shes back in my 125 its slowly getting better. If the tang has the HLLE in your main tank...
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    All Drummers Submit

    yeah man the zxts are sweet... look so much cooler the plain old copper.
  19. denny80688

    All Drummers Submit

    Ok guess there arent too many of us. Ive been playing for like 15 years. Played for a short time with some other local guys but do it mostly for fun and stress management :) The set is a Tama Star Classic 6 piece. Was very nice gift from my step father about 8 years ago. All hand made in...
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    Looking at Sierra Spring water being delivered for my tank

    well if you were going to go that route you should take the distilled water. Spring water is no good for a tank. And when you say "five 5 gallons of water" is that 5 total gallons or 25? If its only 5 then its not worth it at all considering they sell distilled at walmart for under $0.60 a gal.