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  1. robdog696

    SHREVEPORT LOUISIANA 150 gal full setp

    bump-still no pics, sorry :(
  2. robdog696

    SHREVEPORT LOUISIANA 150 gal full setp

    I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow. They won't be very good though. My camera is cheap and with the back unpainted they tend to come out really bad.
  3. robdog696

    SHREVEPORT LOUISIANA 150 gal full setp

    I'm moving, and therefore selling my favorite thing. This tank is less than 6 mo old, has no scratches, is not painted, and comes with everything listed. It is PICKUP ONLY!!!!! I will NOT part out!!!! 150 gallon drilled tank black canopy black stand 150# lr 75# sand pro clear sump pro clear...
  4. robdog696

    let me know let me know quick quick

    First, the age of the tank and appearance of scratches are HUGE things to consider when figuring the value of this tank. If the tank is less than a year old, and is free of rust and visible scratches then I would say this is a monster of a good deal. Second, as far as cost, when upgrading from...
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    Need Help

    Do you have sand? Depending on where your powerheads and pumps are pointed you may be stirring up sand... especially if you have "sugar-sized" sand. Pics might be helpful. But cloudiness is definitely not normal. I have dealt with similar issues... all part of the learning process that is...
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    this is makin me mad...

    I didn't see where you said if you mix the water using a powerhead or not. Salt that has not been adequately dissolved can DEFINITELY make fish breath heavily, as it will irritate and cut their gills. If you do not have a powerhead mixing your salt, then just buy something cheap that will keep...
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    Sand sifter in a 29g?

    Originally Posted by Keebler I have an orange spotted goby and it doesn't sift the sand at all, you need a diamond goby for that, they look almost exactly the same. The diamond is much harder to care for and in my opinion too big for a 29. I too would go with the nass. snails. Good luck...
  8. robdog696

    Black and white clowns laying eggs - request for help!

    Would anyone that has been successful at rearing clown eggs be willing to walk me through this process? I'm very excited about this, but right now the whole process seems kind of overwhelming. Cost really isn't an issue, but I have no idea what supplies to buy and don't want to get all of the...
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    Hand fed Vlamingi Tang

    I just noticed today that my Vlamingi will now eat seaweed right from my hand. It's very awesome!
  10. robdog696

    The Traveling Sponge

    Yep, sponges move. Usually they move to the bottom of rocks, though. LOL! Because it is moving to the light and not away, I would question if it is in fact a sponge.
  11. robdog696

    Sand sifter in a 29g?

    Orange Spot Goby
  12. robdog696

    traveling anemone

    I have had a lot of luck with the anemones that I have kept. So, I am by no means an expert, but I feel justified in giving advice. Though I would never "recommend" anyone to buy an anemone while their tank is as new as yours, you did mention everything was moved from a more established...
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    Looks much better X! I'm so glad to see the owner decided to let you do this! What did you end up doing about the 48" fixture? What are you going to do about the dead fish? Those are some expensive fish to replace. It's too bad we don't live close. I have a 58 QT going to complete waste...
  14. robdog696

    bicolor blenny

    I remove half the water from the bag. I then add 1 cup of tank water every five minutes until the bag is full. Sometimes I repeat the process if it's a small bag or a fragile fish. I've never lost a fish due to acclimation.
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    So I wake up this morning and my mag 24 is shooting air bubbles into my tank like crazy. I stay calm but inside my head I'm screaming. Half of my brain is complaining that I'll probably have to buy a new pump and the other half is frantically urging my body to check for leaks. I open the...
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    New 30 gal Fish Only Help

    This the rapids pro you have?
  17. robdog696

    Which lights are better?

    Originally Posted by JerryAtrick If you wouldn't mind, could you please elaborate on reef tanks not being successful under PC? Are you talking about long term success for larger tanks? Nanos are typically 20 gallons or less right? Most soft corals can be kept under PC lights. But even most...
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    Buying Fish?

    Originally Posted by ds450x I have a fish store only 10 minutes from work but its kinda shitty and the guy is an ass.... The next one is 40 minutes away and its really nice and it has a large variety. Im just scared about shipping and be able to be home when the shipment arrives. How do they...
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    Originally Posted by jerl77 why is it someone was always something bad to say.i am on a other message board --and someone all ways have something bad to say about everthing.didnt your mother tell you if you dont have any thing nice to say dont say it.came to the message board SWF.comnever a...
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    Ugh...stupid LFS....

    Oh boy... I hate these threads. Sorry for your misfortune. I'm no disease expert, but I've been through the ich adventure. Ich is a parasite, and there are only two ways to kill it: copper and hyposalinity. Either way, it's best to treat in a QT. You're probably ok with what you've added to...