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    age poll

    23 here Aerospace Craftsman working on A&P License.
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    Could too many snails hurt my system?

    I would say no...I had 400 in my 90 for 6 months. They get everywhere and can even climb out if you have any openings but they won't hurt your system.
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    News flash: the war in Iraq is NOT a war against terror

    Shock and Awe, developed 7 years ago was first used to support the war on terror in the Oct 2001 bombing of Afghanistan during Operation: Enduring Freedom. 1500+ bombs were dropped over a 72 hour span. Again in 2003, Operation: Iraqi freedom displayed a shock and awe delivering a more...
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    News flash: the war in Iraq is NOT a war against terror

    Originally Posted by jcrim That's a naive perspective. First of all, the soldiers probably did not join the military to further Bush's personal legacy. They joined because the majority come from working class families and cannot afford education or good jobs without the military. You don't...
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    Originally Posted by drew2005 ...other car 2004 Ford Explorer Limited We had a 2002 exploder till...well...the name says it all.
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    Lighting Canopy Size Q??

    I am looking into making a canopy for my tank but it must be suspended. I want to put 4x110VHO and 2x250W MH. Anyone know how wide this would have to be with everything? I want to put the VHO in first and when I'm ready for corals in about a year, add the MH. I just don't want to redo the...
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    1995 Celica GT. Hopes of putting a new eng with turbo and adding the GTS package. 230 horses to all 4 wheels on a car that weighs less than a clydesdale. Second car is a 2005 TrailBlazer LT.
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    protein skimmers

    Euro-Reef are the best in-sump skimmers IMO. They are a bit expensive but all good skimmers are. You can also look into the Aqua C Urchin. They are quality skimmers for a little less price.
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    protein skimmers

    The MaxiJet 1200 works great on that skimmer.
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    Originally Posted by bigarn You'll get many different opinions on this and probably none are wrong. I run carbon 24/7 but many people do otherwise. As Bigarn will get many different opinions. Both are backed by logical thinking.
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    I have heard rumors but I'm not sure if they are true or not. I just set up my entire living room around the fish tank. If the speakers were going to bother the fish, I moved the speakers...not the tank.
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    Help with picture.

    How is this?
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    Help with picture.

    How small do you want it?
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    I'll have to check them out because from what I have read, it is chemically impossible for carbon to last any more than a couple weeks in a salt tank.
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    Lighting Question ,,Please

    I agree. VHO is the best flourescent available IMO. Use them to supplement a MH bulb and you will have an awesome setup.
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    white flee's

    They are very good. You don't have anything to worry about.
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    R/O correct PPM

    Ideally you want to have 0. 14 is a little hight but still ok IMO to fill a tank. If you were to get a DI unit, you should have close to 0PPM.
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    Why are you dosing with B-Ionic? I don't dose with anything and have coraline spreading everywhere.
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    Good point. The best I have found is Black Diamond.
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    RO/DI water

    I agree with everyone here. I love my RO/DI unit. I got it for under $100 on the auction site and would recomend it to anyone.