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  1. murray bmf

    Some Cools pics....

    A star just hanging out, a hermit with a hitch-hiker and a cool mushroom.
  2. murray bmf

    Puffer Pics

    Another one
  3. murray bmf

    Puffer Pics

    Here's a couple of puffers I've had........
  4. murray bmf

    Dogfaced puffer sleeps on koralia 8 powerhead

    I don't care what anybody says, puffers have personality and this picture proves it!
  5. murray bmf

    Cool Pics

    MAKE NO MISTAKE! THIS IS NOT FROM MY TANK! I was at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach and my wife took these pictures. I thought they came out rather nicely.
  6. murray bmf

    Cheap MH bulbs??

    There are plenty of places to "skimp" when buying for your tank. The lighting, which is essential, (life's blood for a lot of the tanks inhabitants) is not one of them. I would go with what s proven, But that's just me.
  7. murray bmf

    What salt mix do you use?

    Originally Posted by Al Mc Oceanic for 3+ years. Dissolves easily. You will never find consensus on this issue. Everyone has a favorite. Now that is sound advise. I guess when you come down to it, I just use what works for me!
  8. murray bmf

    What salt mix do you use?

    I started with Instant Ocean but have since switched to Oceanic, mainly because of the pre-packaged 5 gal mix. I have had great results with both of them and only use Oceanic for the "easiness" factor.
  9. murray bmf

    jbj nanocube 28 quad

    I have the JBJ 28 gal with HQI 150w MH. I bought it from a company (will send name if you want it, I think there is rules here about posting the competition) already mod'd. It has 150w MH with 28w CF and moon lights. I also have a Chiller and a wave machine to alternate the current. This...
  10. murray bmf

    Oceanic Vs Coral Life

    I've used (and continue to use) Oceanic with great results. Not sure of the "specifics" in terms of content. Oceanic is a quality brand so I gave their salt a try when it first came out and it worked great. I like the pre-measured packages as they are really easy (and I'm lazy) Prior to that...
  11. murray bmf

    is it aiptasia?

    Originally Posted by KJohansen I tried peppermint shrimp, they all disappeared in a couple days. Brine Shrimp, Mysis shrimp, pepermint shrimp....shrimp is really the chicken of the sea. I was just saying what worked for me.
  12. murray bmf

    Sunday night pics II

    They do stay closed a lot, especially if a crab or something is around them. We (my wife) also feeds each polyp by hand, which can be difficult at times. They we in pretty bad shape when we got them and they have recovered very well.
  13. murray bmf

    Sunday night pics....

    Originally Posted by alh Beautiful tank. What kind of clam is that? I believe it is a Maxima clam. I could be wrong, I've had it for almost 2 years now.
  14. murray bmf

    Sunday night pics II

    It's a sun coral.
  15. murray bmf

    Nano Reefers! Info and Tank Photos!

    I'm in!
  16. murray bmf

    Sunday night pics II

    A few more
  17. murray bmf

    Sunday night pics....

    A few pics from my 28 gal
  18. murray bmf

    is it aiptasia?

    Originally Posted by Marka1620 Glad the boiling water worked for you. I had a massive AP breakout a few months back. Tried the chemicals (Joe's Juice). But, my tank is 31" deep and it was impossible to target them accurately. Boiling was out of the question (to many rocks to boil). Took a...