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  1. jacksdad

    JBJ 24 gal nano cube deluxe issues... HELP

    A few things I would suggest, first check the tube itself. See if it has a hole in it or is cut. Second, check to see if the tube is secure at the pump. Also, is the water level in that chamber high enough? Is it covering the pump? If not the pump will suck air and that will cause the...
  2. jacksdad

    24 Gal JBJ lighting Nano cube HELP!!!!!!!

    Check the hose itself, maybe it has a hole/cut in it. If not, replace it. if the problem persists after that I would suggest swapping out the pump. I used a maxijet 1200 in my cube without any problems. I did, however have the same thing happen with the hose coming off. Oh my God!!! Good luck!
  3. jacksdad

    My New 24 JBJ Nano Cube

  4. jacksdad


    common Bristle worm, nothing to worry about. Nice xenia!
  5. jacksdad

    my new 24gal jbj nano

    Originally Posted by nwdyr You think the jerk that sold me the 20.00 killer would have been more honest with me, if he was he would have gotten all my business. o well I guess some people can't see the big picture huh There are a lot of people who work at your LFS who know less than you or...
  6. jacksdad

    What works in a stock nano?

    Shrooms and zoos should do fine. As well as lps such as ricordia, frog spawn, torch, etc. Bob
  7. jacksdad

    my new 24gal jbj nano

    No problem at all. The hardest part about starting a new tank is being patient. I hated waiting months before I started adding coral, but it is worth it. You end up with a healthier tank. Good luck!! I am starting the get the itch again!!! I have a empty 50 gallon tank in the basement just...
  8. jacksdad

    my new 24gal jbj nano

    Is that an anemone? If so you are asking for trouble. For two reasons... First LTA's are very aggressive and anything it can reach it will sting. Secondly and possibly more importantly if it dies it will certainly take everything in your tank with it. One other thing, anemone need a stable...
  9. jacksdad

    my new 24gal jbj nano

    White specs are pods. Very good for the tank!
  10. jacksdad

    my new 24gal jbj nano

    I upgraded to a maxijet 1200 when I had my 24 NC up and running. I worked very well, just be sure to clean it on a regular basis. Also I agree with peef, without the surface skimmer a thin film-o-gunk will collect on the surface of the water. You do need to be careful, however as all of the...
  11. jacksdad

    updated pic of the 24

    Tank looks really nice, the spray bar is a great idea. My only suggestion would be to paint it black so it doesn't stick out so much. Beautiful tank!!!! Bob
  12. jacksdad

    Song Title Game

    Night Fever....the Bee Gees
  13. jacksdad

    True or False game

    false...I am currently tankless!!!! the next poster is at work while reading this..
  14. jacksdad

    Metal halide in 24 g dx ?

    Originally Posted by mojo46825 ou sure u dont want to sell it? let me know if you change your mind. thats exactly what i was looking for. You build it? a dyi kit or what? thank you. A friend built it for me, but he isn't, at least I don't think, doing them anymore. Too busy. If you have any...
  15. jacksdad

    Metal halide in 24 g dx ?

    email sent...
  16. jacksdad

    Metal halide in 24 g dx ?

    Check out this thread: This has been up and running for over a year with no heat issue at all. 82 degrees max in summer. P.S. I decided not to sell it!!! I was going to take the tank down and decided against it. Bob
  17. jacksdad

    show me thoes GR8 ZOO pics!!!!

    just a couple...
  18. jacksdad

    For those with a 24G JBJ...

    Yes the maxijet1200 will fit in the rear chamber of the 24NC. Bob
  19. jacksdad

    super aggressive clownfish tankmate

    Originally Posted by gman52 In my 20 gallon I have a super aggressive ocellaris clownfish with a yellow watchmen goby. So far the clown killed a firefish, beat up a diadema basslet so bad I had to remove him, it killed a purple reef chromis, and a six line wrasse. The goby isnt bothered only...
  20. jacksdad

    Jackdad's 24NC

    Nothing really. You would think with all of the anemone to choose from they would host! Instead they just lay on part of my zoo bed!!