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  1. maury

    Lets See Your Carpets.

    Coming up on one month old now, bought from this site :)
  2. maury

    Which camera U using??

    Picked up a Nikon D100 earlier this week. Don't have a lens that can do macro yet, but that's coming. Here are they three good shots I've gotten so far with a lens off my old Nikon 6006 film based SLR camera.
  3. maury

    Post your pics of what you got from!

    My Blue Carpet Anemone :)
  4. maury

    Just wanted to say....

    Hey, NM, remember me? Nice foxface! So, d you have any problems keeping him in a reef nipping at any corals/moluscs?
  5. maury

    Tank Item Pics :)

    I've had this one for about 2 months now, and it's the only one I have been able to keep alive past 2 weeks. I have had 2 before this from various other online site, and ironically, this one I bought here, at I was initially worried, as it arrived in a bag without ANY water, and...
  6. maury

    Tank Item Pics :)

    The camera is a Nikon D100, digital SLR, and no, not using any flash, just the light in the tank. This camera can reproduce the exact coloration of the subjects in the tank with just the lighting from the tank. And nope, haven't had any problems with two anemones in the tank. However, it is a...
  7. maury

    Tank Item Pics :)

    I put these up in the Photography forum, but figured I'd share over here as well. Here's my Powder Blue, thinking he was going to get fed, rather than his picture taken: ;) My blue carpet, awaiting my acquisition of some Saddleback clowns My Gold Stripe Maroon clown peeking out from his Rose...
  8. maury

    RyeBread! Got that camera you recommended. Here’s some pics

    I finally broke down and bought the Nikon D100 you told me about a few months back. The thing is amazing. I really havent started to play with the thing, and here's a few shots I took today, straight out of the box: He's my powder blue that I nursed back from emaciation when he arived in the...
  9. maury

    2 royal gramma...yes or no

    If your tank is big enough (200+ gallons) they should be able to stake out their own little territories far enough apart. If not, they will not get along.
  10. maury

    Maroon Clowns

    Paid $50 for both pairs, and 30 for the female that was replaced. For some reason my LFS orders PRIMARILY maroon clows, with the occasional perc and flase perc. Rarely a tomato or skunk.
  11. maury

    Maroon Clowns

    The only luck I've had with mated pairs, was to get them from the LFS. I have a pair in my 55 and one in my 210. The LFS just sees who will pair up when he gets a shipment of maroon clowns in, and will then offer those as a pair. I had one of my pair lose the female (just died one day, looked...
  12. maury

    Attn : BigMac

    I'd check a complete set of parameters. I had a similar problem with a few of my SPS's and it was because my mag had dropped. I'd check a Mg, Phos, Ca, Alk and while you're at it, check the nitrogen cycle parameters. Since then I've gotten into the habit of checking most of my parameters once...
  13. maury

    Used Flatworm Exit today on my 210 reef

    BigMac, just make sure his solution doesn't end up damaging or killing your sps colonies. I have read that a rapid freshwater dip of coral colonies will kill any flatworms on them, and just minimally stress the coral. Can someone back this up?
  14. maury

    Used Flatworm Exit today on my 210 reef

    Well, we're almost 24 hours out, and all the life in the tank looks good. No change whatsoever in the coloring of the sps, and the cerith snails appear to have recovered. The problem is, so have some of the flatworms!! I have noticed about 10 or so that look healthy, and as you know, it only...
  15. maury

    Used Flatworm Exit today on my 210 reef

    I added Flatworm Exit, as the post title states. And I'm very familiar with all the threads at Reef Central about this product. I feel that those that had problems were those that had a large established flatworm population. Mine wasn't. And, I have one 32 gallon can full of RO/DI, and should...
  16. maury

    Used Flatworm Exit today on my 210 reef

    OK, I took the plunge after watching a few posts here and dosed flatworm Exit in my 210 reef. The tank has many clams, LPS, and SPS, as well as a rose anemone and many fish, crabs, snails and shrimp. The tank had recently (less than 3 weeks) been contaminated with planaria. They came in on a...
  17. maury

    Green Carpet Anemone

    How long have you had it? Was it eating well and then stopped? I'd try some silversides and scallops. You can get the scallops from the supermarket. Most folks I've know that owned a green said it ate pretty much anything it could get it's tentacles on; silversides, scallops, shrimp...
  18. maury

    Member's tank Pictures

    Thanks Yeller. I could tell that tank was a monster! How many gallons? I like how you have those frags spaced out. I can't wai to see it 2-3 years down the road! Slick, I have 3 250W 6500K MH and 4 6 foot URI VHO tubes spaced under them so the MH light can get through. Too bad URI doesn't...
  19. maury

    Member's tank Pictures

    NaClH2O, great color in that tank! And YellerTang, how big is that tank? I have a shot from the length view of my 210 that looks similar: And the other end:
  20. maury

    Member's tank Pictures

    Fishtails. Was looking at your sandbed pics, and was thinking that might be dinoflagellates. Are there any small bubbles associated with the brown slimy stiff? Any on the rocks? I have had an on-again, off-again relationship with dino's in the past, and they look like that. Also, have you...