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  1. natureboy

    moon lights

    i'm not 100% sure about this but i have heard that the white moonlights provide a more realistic moonlight (good for spawning etc...) and the blue lights are simply for looks.
  2. natureboy

    Need Un-cured live rock!

    I ordered rock from a very well know [hr] site and it was definently not cured even though it said it was. Pretty cheap too.
  3. natureboy

    Red slime???

    Use a phosphate sponge to remove any phosphates and silicates in your water. Also make sure that your temp. is stable.
  4. natureboy

    Problem with Leathers

    I have a 75 gal reef tank with mostly soft corals in it. I have had a large toadstool leather for the past 7 or 8 months that has been doing really well. About five weeks ago i put a finger leather in the tank. These are the only two leathers in there. Both were doing well for a few days and...
  5. natureboy

    True actinic lighting?

    Not sure, but i believe that true actinic lights actually emit light wavelengths that are in the actinic portion of the light spectrum and are not lights that have been simply painted/tinted blue or purple. Hopefully someone will have a more difinitive answer for you.
  6. natureboy

    Help With Brown Algea On Sand Bed.

    I get brown aglae on my sand bed in areas of low flow. Did you adjust any of your powerheads?
  7. natureboy

    Plumes out of live rock...

    My tank does this as well. The "strings" look almost exactly like spider webs and are abundant when I am cleaning the tank or the water is disturbed in some way. I think they are trying to capture food with these strings because my bubble coral has the same stringy type stuff come out of it...
  8. natureboy

    Algae Eating Fish

    Anyone got any ideas on a fish that can keep the algae under control in my tank? I don't want a tang as i have had bad luck with my last two. Don't really want a foxface or a lawnmower blenny just because i don't like the way they look. Is there anything else out there? I have a 75 gal reef...
  9. natureboy

    ID on a Snail

    I wish i could sell some. They are everywhere in my tank and dont clean the glass like my astrea snails do.
  10. natureboy

    New discovery in my tank

    I have hundreds of small snails in my tank that somehow came in with the liverock. They are called collonista snails i believe and only come out at night. I hear that these commonly reproduce in aquariums. Possibly could be some of these?
  11. natureboy

    What would cause PH and Alkalinity to always be low?

    I have the same problem. My PH stays around 7.8 or 7.9. Adding a ph buffer will keep mine up for a few days but i constantly have to add a couple of teaspoons of powdered buffer every few days. Make sure that you buffer your top off water before adding it to the tank.
  12. natureboy

    New discovery in my tank

    If your tank cant support that many snails some will die and the population will even itself out. If you are worried you could always take some out and give them away.
  13. natureboy

    Can Anyone Tell Me What This Is?

    Definently a feather duster i have a few in my tank that look just like that. Dont get very big at all and havent spread very fast.
  14. natureboy

    Astrea Snails with Scraped Shells

    My bet is on one of the unidentified crabs
  15. natureboy

    low level corals

    You can keep any sort of mushroom that you want. I would recommend adding some live rock now. It helps the tank to cycle quicker.
  16. natureboy

    coral help please

    I have always found that my shrooms detatch themselves and float around if the flow is too high. Sometimes my shrooms look kind of crappy for a day, but they always come back. they are very hardy
  17. natureboy

    Brown Algae In Sand!

    Has there been any temp change in the tank recently?
  18. natureboy

    rubbermaid tubs for sump/fuge?

    I have been told that they are not suitable for a fuge because they absorb a lot of stuff out of your water. Not that this is a bad thing in itself, but they can also release all of the stuff that they have been absorbing at once causing chemical/ph imbalances or other bad things. I thought it...
  19. natureboy

    just got back from the Cayman islands

    I put dead pieces of coral in my tank that i find on the beach. they are all bleached out so of course nothing is going to be alive, but they look nice and fit in well with the surrounding liverock. I boil them first just to be sure that no unwanted bacteria or viruses slip into the tank.
  20. natureboy

    South Carolina Reefers!

    I live in Charleston, and have a 75 gal reef tank thats about a year old. And I second the GO COCKS!!!