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  1. cadbury

    New lights, overkill!!

    Christmas Vacation look out, looks like the Oswalds are going to have competition this year????? WOW
  2. cadbury

    Good Skimmer for 180gallon

    Money not an issue? Do you have your own business, are you hiring? I wish I had that problem. Just harrassing you, good luck to you. I have a 180 as well and here is one I been looking at......... Actually I'm not supposed to post it here so email me and I'll send you the info...
  3. cadbury

    coral reef resteraunt

    Its pretty cool, mostly huge sharks swimming around, we did get lucky and got a good seat. It was pretty dark in there however! Took some pics, but they really did'nt turn out. The food was really good as well.
  4. cadbury

    instant ocean or reef crystals??

    CAll me mixed up, but I like them both, so I actually mix the two together and been doing it for years. I like what they both have to offer.
  5. cadbury

    Zooanthids that will make you go WOW...

    If I may ask, what kind of lifgts do you have in your tanks? Do zoo's multiply better with more light?
  6. cadbury

    Anybody play cornhole?

    "Action" verb at that!
  7. cadbury

    2700 gallon aquarium pics

    Beautiful tank, I just have one question for you, it looks as if the tank may be in a basement? If it is are you at all worried about condesation for such a large tank?
  8. cadbury

    Neon Green Anethia may sell frags

    Really guys, I have this girlfriend........she's a model, ........she works alot and she lives in another state?
  9. cadbury

    Pics From Vacation at Xcaret in the Riviera Maya, MUST SEE!

    Where are the pics? I went there about 1 1/2 years ago on my honeymoon, it was amazing. I also went scuba diving in Cozmel, and that too was awesome!
  10. cadbury

    Sump for a 180 Gallon Tank

    Tank looks great, the only thing I would of done different is maybe put it into the wall instead, would of looked really cool.
  11. cadbury

    Mud filter

    I have'nt yet, I plan on getting a protein skimmer in the near future. I've tested my water and everything has been great, I've recently brought my water to the pet store just to have them check it and theu told me if they could bottle it up that they would sell it. Why fix it, if its not broken?
  12. cadbury

    new skimmer

    Email does'nt work, what does that tell ya?
  13. cadbury

    Mud filter

    To each his own, my system is a eco-system with mudd and its been set up for 4 years and runnin great!
  14. cadbury

    lights distance from water

    looking to see what people think is the optimal distance from the water where you would place or suspend you lights? For example, 250 HQI Pendant system? Thanks
  15. cadbury

    ATTEN. ALL MI reefers

    email-me, I have date and location.
  16. cadbury

    ATTEN. ALL MI reefers

    There's one in the making for 2005, but no date has been set yet......
  17. cadbury

    Red Algae?

    I have a 180 Reef tank thats well established and has been doing great, but the last few days I've noticed that there's been some deep red algae growing on my coraline with a few red bubbles? Any reason for concern?
  18. cadbury

    best looking/most colorfull fish for a 55 gallon reef?

    Generally, don't Anthias need a lot of room to swim? I do think they are gorgeous, I have two myself!
  19. cadbury

    my fishtank after 1 year

    Wont that Tang eat it all over time, if it stays that way it looks great!
  20. cadbury

    VHO or PC?

    viet-tin, i noticed you mentioned auction for MH, could yyou tell me where?