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  1. clowny123

    Lets See Those Teen Tanks

    well i guess liontamer is afraid to show his tank b/c it probably sucks yea i am 15 and will get some pics soon of my 75 reef and my octo tank
  2. clowny123

    Is this a good protien skimmer

    hey i have a 30 gal tank and want to get a protein skimmer for it i found one i like it is the prizim delux and for a good price is it a good skimmer:notsure:
  3. clowny123

    pics of carpet anemones

    anyone have a pic of a carpet anemone
  4. clowny123

    pics of carpet anemones

    lets see all those carpet anemones:thinking: :rolleyes: :) :D :happy:
  5. clowny123

    which anemone for tomato clown

    hey i have a tomato clown in my 75 and 400 watts of pc and wanted to get an anemone that he will host which would be the best one
  6. clowny123

    what to put in 30

    hey i have a 30 gal tank with nothing in it and i wanted to get a fish that is good by itself any suggestions
  7. clowny123

    pics of clowns hosting corals

    hey i was wondering if anyone had any pics of a tomato clowns hosting any corals and not anemones
  8. clowny123

    Catching domino damsel

    hey i have a domino damsel in my tank picking on my clown, how is the best way to catch him
  9. clowny123

    Carpet Anemone

    hey i have a 75 reef with 400 watt lights and i was wondering if i can and if should get a carpet anemone i really like them but just wanted yalls opinion
  10. clowny123

    anyone have a pic of...

    hey i wanted to see a pic of somebody's grey smoothhound shark b/c i saw one in my LFS
  11. clowny123

    New Video of Sharks

    i would like to see it email me at
  12. clowny123

    Maroon or percula

    I want to get a maroon or a percula clownfish i dont know which and was just wondering what everbody else likes thanks
  13. clowny123

    i need a good pic of clown hosting a BTA

    hey i want to get a good pic so i can tape it on the side of my tank so my clowns will host it
  14. clowny123

    do i need ro/di water for a reef

    hey do i need ro/di water for my fish tank to turn it into a reef
  15. clowny123

    What i need for an Octopus

    thanks but i want to know what i need for keeping one
  16. clowny123

    What i need for an Octopus

    Ok i just got done watching videos of peoples octos there amazing i want one so can somebody tell me what i need for one and and i found an octo that will be good for a 30 gallon and if i need to when it gets bigger ill get it a new tank but i want to know what i need
  17. clowny123

    black and white clown ?

    Can u have a black and white clownfish with one ocellaris clown fish?
  18. clowny123

    can u have fish before u put in liverock

    hey i was wondering if u can have fish in your tank before u put in live rock
  19. clowny123

    anyone ordered liverock off the internet

    has anyone ever ordered liverock off the internet?:thinking: :notsure:
  20. clowny123

    What fish should i get

    bump:happy: :happy: