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  1. brendap

    Refractometer question

    Originally Posted by lobstergrabber The one they sell is fine. I had one like it on my last tank and it worked great. Rich I want to grab this one while it's on sale. Thank you for your input . I'll snag it tonight! :joy:
  2. brendap

    Refractometer question

    This website (SWF) has a refractomer on sale right now, does anyone have this particular brand and does it do the job? I need to purchase one and this one looks like the one my LFS sells for $95.
  3. brendap

    Salt mixing tips?

    Originally Posted by dmjordan Get a 20 to 30 gallon tote from walmart,. :notsure: What are you referring to as a "tote"
  4. brendap

    Reverse Osmosis....

    Originally Posted by nattybug33 oh also if you never get lost in Johnson city, my husband and I own a Jeep parts business on W. Market ST, just drop by anytime before 5pm. Hey nattybug33 I lived in JC for years and now reside in Knoxville. There's 2 here in Knoxville and both are great. I...
  5. brendap

    I Won!

    Originally Posted by dmjordan Congrats! Don't let the hubby off that easy. Find out what he was going to buy and total it up. Spend that much on upgrades or corals you can put into your nano and grow until your new tank can support them. I never let him off easy and thanks that's a great idea
  6. brendap

    I Won!

    Originally Posted by alyssia Congrats! I would dump the hydrometer though and get a refractometer. Absolutely, that's my plan! My LFS demonstrated one and it's accuracy is unbelievable. I'll be moving my Nano to my bedroom and setting up the 55 in our living/dining room area.
  7. brendap

    I Won!

    Originally Posted by mag395 What was the contest? It happened to be Customer Appreciation Day at my LFS in Knoxville, TN :joy: So I filled out their form and forgot about it until I received a call a few days later telling me that I had won! The ironic thing was my wonderful hubbie was...
  8. brendap

    I Won!

    I'm so excited I was the grand prize winner at my LFS! A 55g tank w/light hood including: double biowheel filter, instant ocean, hydrometer, heater, test kit, there's probably more but I can't remember it all. I have a 12g Nano presently that's been established for a year and have had great...
  9. brendap

    what's the 1st thing you wish you had known

    Does anybody have any other saltwater fish forum websites. yes, there is
  10. brendap

    Cleaning rounded corners of nano cubes

    My LFS suggested using a new toothbrush. It works well for me
  11. brendap

    Local Fish Stores

    Knoxville Tennessee The Aquarium off Papermill Drive - outstanding service and they know their stuff! Coral Reef on Kingston Pike - same!