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  1. gnorman

    I'm Back! Help on Nuvo 16

    Hey everyone, I am back! I don't know if any of the old members would remember me, or if they still use this forum, but back in 2006 I was on this forum every day. I set up a 150 gallon tank back then. In 2008, I went out of the country for 2 years, and then I was away from my home while at...
  2. gnorman

    150 Gallon, starting reef pictures

    red tail Fiji puffer
  3. gnorman

    New stuff has arrived :)

    that lemon is awesome, where did u place ur order from?
  4. gnorman

    How long can corals go without light?

    I know that this does not answer your question, but perhaps this could help through the years we would have times where unwanted algea would take over, and then we made this sweet little filtration called a turf scrubber. I dont have time to take pictures right now as i am leaving to go to the...
  5. gnorman

    150 Gallon, starting reef pictures

    Thanks Meowzer for your comment. time is the key to having nice coraline on the LR
  6. gnorman

    150 Gallon, starting reef pictures

    As some of you may remember, we started this tank about 4 years ago. We have had much success, along with disappointments. Since I recently got back from my 2 year mission in Argentina, we have been trying to get the tank back up into pristine conditions, and have decided to start placing some...
  7. gnorman

    hey everyone

    yeah thats me. good memory. im up at college right now so im away from my tank. i wont lie when i got back and spent the month i had at home, it was very hard for me to get back into the hobby, i guess my priorities were just different at that time. but now that i dont have my tank, im...
  8. gnorman

    hey everyone

    hello again to all of you. my 2 year mission is over, and im back in the states. I look forward to getting involved in the hobby again best of wishes to all of you Eric
  9. gnorman

    Hello again

    Hello everyone, im not sure if many of you will remember me but i am back! i got home from argentina in feb, and i look forward to keeping in touch with many of you who have helped me so much with this hobby. Eric
  10. gnorman

    Sick Fowleri Tang, Need Help

    I plan on doing a 23% water change today or tomorrow. He is still active as ever and has not shown any signs of discomfort or disease else where. Feel free to offer any ideas you may have as to the cause and treatment of this particular condition. Thanks!
  11. gnorman

    Sick Fowleri Tang, Need Help

    Thanks Ccampbell. Any idea as to what may be the cause of this? If at all possible, I would like to know or better understand how to prevent something like this in the future. Could it be a bacteria infection? I know that Myracin 2 helps with bacteria infection; if I am unable to get him out of...
  12. gnorman

    Sick Fowleri Tang, Need Help

    Hi Everyone, I picked up this Fowleri Tang from a LFS. It was in very good condition and had been at this place for over a month without any problems. The LFS had the fish in Copper water for treatment. The fish was in QT for 2-3 weeks and no signs of problems. Once put in the display tank, the...
  13. gnorman

    So it Begins...all 10 feet of it...

    How is the build coming? There have yet to be any updates since the delivery? I hope all is going well and I am sure I speak for many people here, pictures and update!
  14. gnorman

    150g FOWLR Possible New Lighting

    Hello All, Current Lights: 2 36" 2X96 PC Aqualight Double Linear Strip Retrofit Kit. 1 set is broken and needs to be replaced. 1 set's bulbs need to be replaced; hence, the new lighting system. We are looking to upgrade our lighting to T5's. We were hoping to get some input on a few good...
  15. gnorman

    help with blue jaw pair

    Thank you all for your input. Today was the first time the pair came out together to eat. The Female joined suit a minute after the Male began eating Krill. We will be trying Silversides and Ghost Shrimp once we obtain it and I will let you know if they display any different feeding habits. As...
  16. gnorman

    Mega-Powerful Nitrate and Phosphate Remover Replaces Skimmer, Refugium, Everything

    SantaMonica, I finally took the plunge... Background: 150DT, 30Gsump, clean sheet 15x11, maxijet1200, 2 23par floodlights, 1 jbj up and running for 2 1/2 weeks. I was wondering if you could give a few pointers. I know the pics are not the best. I will have to try to get more during daylight and...
  17. gnorman

    Brown Algae/Cycling Help

    Big, Thanks for the info. We have our own BFS RO/DI system. I did not do any changes throughout the "cycle." I will be doing a few 10%-20% changes here in a little bit. Hopefully it will solve the problem.
  18. gnorman

    Brown Algae/Cycling Help

    thanks for your input. I appreciate it.
  19. gnorman

    Brown Algae/Cycling Help

    I checked the parameters this evening. Nitrates are around 15 but ammonia was at 0. everything else is good.
  20. gnorman

    Brown Algae/Cycling Help

    Hello All, 4 1/2 weeks ago I began cycling a 30gal tank. I added the LR/LS, had a koralia 3, 50gal HOB filter, 10k light running 6 hrs and added shrimp/clam twice. During the whole process, I did not see any algae. Sadly, for the first 3 weeks I did not test the water. On Oct 5, we turned off...