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  1. cvk531

    Propagating Xenias

    yikes , thats a lot of xenia, do all xenias pulse? i have the pulsing kind, but i just fraged it, and now its not moving as much, but getting better, my xenia has quadripled its size since i got it 2 months ago.
  2. cvk531

    anchoring coral

    anyone know what to do if your coral falls off the rock? i was moving around my rocks and it just fell off some how. anyone got sugestions of how i should anchor it? i have no idea:help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help: :help:
  3. cvk531

    Perculas not taking to anemone

    how long has it been since you put the anemone in there?, my friend bought a anemone, and the clown fish didn't host till a month
  4. cvk531

    Jen's Nano! Its Up! Yay!

    cool tank
  5. cvk531

    Frag auction...

    i like your rock layout, it is nice.
  6. cvk531

    too much ammonia?

    wow, i wish mine was that fast, but of coarse yours is a smaller tank, maybe that's why it's faster, goodluck with your sw tank
  7. cvk531

    Reef filtration question ? ? ? ?

    going filterless, won't that raise your amonia levels because the waste isn't being filtered?
  8. cvk531

    suction cups on powerheads

    mine came with a little thingy that you like kinda clip on, and twist to tighten it on the rim of the tank, i also have suction, my suction cups are working fine, but when i want to take out my powerhead, it takes a while because it takes a long time trying to get the suction cups out., they are...
  9. cvk531

    activated charcoal(carbon)

    dang you snipe, i'm having a hard time catching up with you, look at the board replys, i'm on like all of them, lol
  10. cvk531

    ...and on the 6th month god...

    i don't get it, what is the difference between a true perc. and a false perc, do they look any different?
  11. cvk531

    live sand...

    hmmm..... does a swt require live sand?
  12. cvk531

    Help me pick my fish...I know I know.....

    i like fire hawkfishes too, they have a bright red color!
  13. cvk531

    Tang vs Tang

    tangs are cool...:yes: ( i'm stalking snipe) lol
  14. cvk531

    Help me pick my fish...I know I know.....

    i know, get a royal grama, they are soooooooo colorful, also a flame angel, those are really neat, and some clownfish:jumping: :jumping:
  15. cvk531

    looking for colorful soft corals

    Mushrooms are cool and don't need much lighting. and they are not expensive... :jumping:
  16. cvk531

    Great board... Thanks to all.

    good luck with your aquarium
  17. cvk531

    clean sandbed

    snipe, what site?, i've been looking for snails, and all my lfs are charging over $2 for each snail, they are pretty wacko:notsure:
  18. cvk531

    Just bought the following 90G setup.

    i look in the clasifieds in the newspaper, and i saw a 220 gallon with fish and live rock and sand for $700
  19. cvk531

    ...and on the 6th month god...

    do you have any fish in there?, i can't really tell, but your tank is looking good:yes:
  20. cvk531

    Placing Xenia

    baking soda seems kinda weird. are you stocking mudplayerx? i've been reading alot of threads, and you (snipe) and mudplayer are always on the same thread:notsure: lol