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  1. f1shman

    Pics of your dog, cat, bird, etc.

    04mach how is the bulldog, is it true that their favorite thing to do is sit on the couch and watch TV? lol I've always wanted one.
  2. f1shman

    Huge Mantis!!

    Oh okay matt_m sounds like you definitly did your research (unlike some other on here ) *pats you on the back* awesome job and I'm sure that mantis will love his new home. Do keep us posted on how hes doing and some pics of him and his prey!
  3. f1shman

    Bubbles and Plastic Shipwrecks

    Yes puffer I agree, it makes it look like a ship wreck in the ocean, that thing is probably like 5 feet on its own lol
  4. f1shman

    Will there be a fight?

    i thought i posted on this... maybe you posted the thread twice. I think they would be okay in the size tank you have, but the anthias is more shy and the grouper and trigger are more aggresive. It might work if you add the anthias first.
  5. f1shman

    Name that Fish...

    scorpian fish?
  6. f1shman

    Loud Snapping Noise Ahh

    ya, but im not sure if i even have anything, it actulley might have been the heater, but that is much quieter. And this one was really loud and made me jump and turn around, thinking the tank busted. But i've only heard it once last night.. i dunno.
  7. f1shman

    Bubbles and Plastic Shipwrecks

    Is your purpose of this thread to make fun of the guy? Or to show us a cool tank? Because I think its awesome.
  8. f1shman

    Bubbles and Plastic Shipwrecks

    3000 lbs, maybe there is, very hard to tell since i don't know how many gallons it is and im only looking at pictures
  9. f1shman

    Im Confused

    Its very hard to succesfully breed clownfish in a reef tank unless you can easily remove the eggs into a seperate tank that has all the correct "baby fish" raising equipment. Most likely the babies if they do survive will get eaten by otherfish or get sucked into the filter. Heres what oceanas...
  10. f1shman

    Name that Fish...

  11. f1shman

    Bubbles and Plastic Shipwrecks

    thats an awesome tank, I even like the ship
  12. f1shman

    Pics Pics Pics Pics Of 70 --

    be careful with that purple nudibranch, from what I've heard they only eat sponge and dead corals and if they die they can emit a poison.
  13. f1shman

    Fuge Question?????

    You use macro algae and its a place to grow pods whcih are good for you tank. Because if pods are in your display tank they'll most likely be eaten quickly. The macro algae helps decrease the nitrates and phosphates and is an extra filtration system. And depending on what type of algae you have...
  14. f1shman

    Loud Snapping Noise Ahh

    But I've only heard it once, so I dunnno.
  15. f1shman

    Loud Snapping Noise Ahh

    It sounded like the glass cracked, fast loud noise.
  16. f1shman

    Best output per watt lights?

    I dunno hispanola just what I've heard. But fish in the ocean also have a lot more hiding spots and no people walking along or really loud noises if your stomping by or somthing.
  17. f1shman

    Missing nudibranch

    Not too sure about cucumbers, I think the "thorny tail" something like that, ones are better. Also I've heard that the cucumbers can devour the sand bed of all that good stuff But alot of sea cucumbers can release a toxin that can kill lots of fish! And are you sure hes not in the tank...
  18. f1shman

    Huge Mantis!!

    Yes very awesome. But i have researched them much because I was planning on getting a small one for my 12 gallon. From what I have read you should really build them a little cave, (in your case, a pretty big cave) because they love to stay in the dark and in a secured area until its prey has...
  19. f1shman

    Lions and reef tanks?

    I don't know about the shrimp, but definitly they eat small fish. I think you'd be better off with a dwarf, because a volitan will eventually get bigger then most of your fish making them his snack. And one dude on this board has a beautiful yellowish greenish incredibly colorful dwarve angel in...
  20. f1shman

    spiny blue in my tank??

    ya triggers eat crustaens (however you spell that) in the wild like snails, crabs, shrimp, lobster