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  1. redwilly

    I have little spines growing on my rock

    They are only 1/4 to 1/2 inch long and growing out of the rocks. My tank is almost a year old and has 3 fish in it. Last nite when i scrubbed the inner glass, all the little spines appearred to have a trail of goo hanging from them, what could these things be?? They seem to be all over the...
  2. redwilly

    How does lr become "live"

    yeah...there is cheaper stuff but it looks like crap!! Lots of white patches small pieces really low quality stuff.
  3. redwilly

    How does lr become "live"

    Will my porous (sp?), rock become live rock?? I have a 50G with 25lbs of ls and one lr about 4lbs. I am using coral vital and esv calcium buffer to try and start getting my corraline algea, I just cant see paying so much for rock! Around here its $9.99 a pound for the decent looking stuff! So...
  4. redwilly

    Banded coral shrimp is evil!!!!

    My coral banded ate 2 peppermints in a week.
  5. redwilly

    How do I keep my acrylic clean?

    What do I have to do as far as not scratching the glass to clean the outside? Any tips on the inside as well?? I don't have any algae i want to keep ahead of the game.
  6. redwilly

    maxi-jet 900 air bubbles???

    No, the unit is completly submerged, no tube.
  7. redwilly

    maxi-jet 900 air bubbles???

    I got my tank all together and everythings good. I have a 50g f/o with the built in wet-dry into the back. Its made by s&s, But my pump (return from the sump) produces tiny little bubbles. Is this normal?
  8. redwilly

    Anybody shop at Northbay Aquatics?

    In Cotati,CA?? I bought my first sw tank there and i'm still getting all my parts etc. before i put water in and it seems like i get nothing but bad customer service from them! I went in today with some questions and i was the only customer there and all i got was the shrug off, inderect...
  9. redwilly

    VHO Lighting + odds and ends for sale / seattle, wa

    What kind of skimmer?? how much?
  10. redwilly

    built in wet dry; good or bad?

    I have done a few simple fo tanks and i recently bought a 50g (36x15x20) with the built in wet dry, what are the pros and cons here?? It has three small media chambers and the bio ball trickle through, excuse the crudeness of my drawing!, but i'm wonderring if it will be enough, I am planning a...