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  1. seahorse11

    WTB a canopy in boston area

    I am looking for an oak colored canopy that will fit a 90 gallon. The dimensions are 48"long, 18"deep, 24" tall. I am in the Boston area.
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    brown spots on yellow tang

    I had a yellow tang for about a week in QT tank. It started getting a brown spot on one side which spread to the other side and then to the top of iys head. It stopped eating and stayed at the bottom. I added some fungal medication but that did nothing. It eventually died. Does anyone know what...
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    Green Star Polyp

    Winstew, JMO but I like the photo that size. Some photos are so small you cant see anything. At least with yours, you can see good detail. I think you should keep it that size. Again JMO.
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    Difference between feather dusters and aiptasia on live rock?

    There are two main differences. The feather duster has a hard tube, the Aiptasia has a soft tube. The FD will retract JUST THE CROWN when touched, the Aiptasia will retract its entire body back into the rock.
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    Hermit food

    Any suggestions on what I can feed my hermit crabs when I am away for two weeks. Is putting algae sheets/seaweed strips in a clip be enough?
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    quarantine live rock?

    I just found out that its a good idea to QT LR. On a local saltwater website, some people put the corals or LR in a tank and add Fluke-tabs or levamisole to kill off worms. I have seen some pics that have been posted of worms in the QT that had died off after a few days. I am defin going to do...
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    Weight of tank

    I personally wouldnt set up a 110 gallon on the second floor. I have a newly built house and i was evened a bit concerned setting up my 30 gallon on the second floor. I ended up putting my 90 gallon on the first floor ( on a concrete slab,no basement). I figured if god forbid something happened...
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    for starters

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    quarantine tanks..and cycling them

    Bunny, why is that? I am setting up a 10 gallon QT tank and was going to take water from my 90 gallon that has already been they cycling. I was going to also add sand and some LR from the tank.
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    First Fish?

    I was thinking about a cleaner crew but I have nothing in the tank for them to eat. The tank is only about 1 1/2 months old and all I have in the tank is some LR and LS. I dont want to add damsels b/c I have heard they are aggressive and a PITA to get out. What do you guys think of Clarkii...
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    First Fish?

    I just finished cycling a 90 gallon. What would be a good starter fish? Currently I have no fish or corals in the tank. Thanks
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    Has anybody used Levamisole to treat corals to get rid of red bugs and worms?
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    I read a thread on another website about using Levamisole to dip corals in to rid them of red bugs and worms. They are dipped for 2-5 hours and you can see all the worms dead in the bowl/tank. Has anybody tried this? I have heard of people using Interceptor but it sounds difficult to use. I...
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    Aptasia or Feather dusters?

    OK, I saw another thread somewhere else and a pic of aptasia was posted. It looked like a feather duster to me. How can I tell the difference? I have a FD ( or I think I do) in my tank and i cant tell the difference. Please help! :help:
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    hey hey hey!

    Criminal, I got my base rock at Fintastic Fish in Plainville. They have like 8 tanks set up with LR. They also package it in a styrofoam box which I like alot better than wet newspaper!
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    Corals for sale in Mass?

    Thanks! I will check those places out.
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    Corals for sale in Mass?

    Anybody selling corals in the south of boston area? I already posted in "corals and trading." My tank just finished cycling so I have nothing to trade, I want to buy. Thanks!
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    Anybody selling corals in Mass?

    Hi, I live in the attleboro area and my tank has just finished cycling. I am ready to add some livestock. Does anyone have any corals or feather dusters that they are willing to sell? Like I said, my tank is brand new so I have nothing to trade.
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    WTT candy cane in MA for leathers

    Matt, do you have any more corals to buy? I work in brockton and my tank has just finished cycling and I want to start adding some livestock. That candy cane was beautiful, I would love something like that.