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  1. moraymike

    Coral catshark

    Originally Posted by tvan Yes there are right answers always. I have kept sharks and killed sharks........ I say killed because 2 died in my care through hurricane Charley(no power for three weeks, summertime, Florida ). One survived. These beautiful creatures should not be kept in cages...
  2. moraymike

    Coral catshark

    No "right or wrong" answers here - just opinions -
  3. moraymike

    Sting ray injury or goiter?

    Peter Ray - wow... hats off to u for taking your ray to the vet...
  4. moraymike and sharks

    They did sell sharks a number of years back... Not sure why they decided to stop. Probably something to do with all the folks trying to put bamboos in 55 gallon tanks :thinking: Maybe not?
  5. moraymike

    Aquarium Sharks Information

    Originally Posted by krj-1168 Actually so are the Marbled Cat(same genus as the Coral cat), and also lives in the Indo-Pacific area. And like the Coral Cat, they're tropical. Yup, true..
  6. moraymike

    Aquarium Sharks Information

    "Catsharks (coral cat, marbled cat, swell shark, spotted cat, tiger cat, cloudy cat, leopard cat, shyshark, puffaddershark, etc) There are more than 100 species of cat shark and all of them have their own unique coloring and beauty. They live over 20 years and many of them can be housed...
  7. moraymike

    ‘Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin dies

    Originally Posted by ophiura Just read this too. He was a quirky guy, but it was genuine love of wildlife, that people (especially kids) could appreciate. He will definitely be missed. He was a wonderful man, and had a great life. He will be missed... We should keep him "alive" in our...
  8. moraymike

    sharks for future

    Originally Posted by ophiura Can I just ask a question that struck me as odd? If you would not the room for the offspring, and the local store won't take them, then why try and breed them???? Something just seems strange there? Not to be mean, it just doesn't seem quite right. :notsure: Good...
  9. moraymike

    sharks for future

    Originally Posted by moby Well, Let me first say, I do not consider myself a shark "expert". However after many years of practical "hands on" experience with the commonly kept species, I am confident I can give reasonable sound advice on their requirements in the aquarium. I have read Mr...
  10. moraymike

    sharks for future

    Originally Posted by moby Hey sharkguy22, Honestly, no offense, but I don't think it is a wise idea encouraging sharkboy13 to get more than even one of these. His tank is 180 gallons, this is the MINIMUM size for ONE specimen. Aside from the aquarium size, he will need some extremely good...
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    Originally Posted by AW2 Just saw this post...and Iv'e been out drinking...not the best time for me to answer questions. But, I will certainly email you tomorrow, when I'm sober. Again, AW2 demonstrates his class. No saltwater fish advice while under the influence...
  12. moraymike

    Fish are Friends not food?

    I keep large tangs with my coral cats.
  13. moraymike

    Bamboo Sharks

    Buy Scott Michael's book "Aquarium Sharks and Rays" before you get serious about getting one of these guys. He says that the minimum tank size for a bamboo is 170 gallons. While I agree that's on the small side, I think that you'd do okay for a while with the 180. Of course, you wouldn't be able...
  14. moraymike

    could i get a green moray

    While they are tempting when they are still small, green morays are not good home aquarium species (for most of us). They will eat all your fish, everything in your freezer , and they get way too big in a short amount of time. Most folks that I've known that had one wanted to get rid of it in...
  15. moraymike

    tessa eel swallowed whole!

    Yep, I had a Bumblebee before. I'm not surprised, mine tried to eat a horn shark that was much bigger than it was... Very neat groupers, but get way too BIG!
  16. moraymike

    no more shark

    Yeah, I completely understand why you'd want more flexiblity with your tank. If the shark just doesn't fit in your plans, find it a good home. A few thoughts on coral cat sharks... I have them and really enjoy them. However, they aren't for everyone. They are rarely active during the day...
  17. moraymike

    New Dragon

    Originally Posted by AW2 Now, I just need to find a Japanese Dragon, in my price range and I can complete my "Dragon Collection" since I already have a Hawaiian Dragon. Thanks for the compliments, guys. Yeah, the Japanese Dragon is on my list also... Nice find with the Mexican Dragon.
  18. moraymike

    back open

    Looking good, Sharkguy22!
  19. moraymike

    United Flight 93

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman Agreed... I firmly believe we should show nothing on TV but news footage every anniversary of Sept 11th. People need to remember; We need to remember the victims, we need to remember the folks who danced in the streets burning USA flags and celebrating, and we...
  20. moraymike

    United Flight 93

    Have you guys seen the movie on A&E? We can't ever forget what happened to these true American heros...