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  1. gregzbobo

    My NC12DX setup and running, with pics!

    Almost forgot a pic of my birthday toy. Also just wanted to do a comparison of growth on my monti. cap. Here it is a day or so or so after I got it in early January: Here it is now: Not bad for 40 days I think. One can really see it in how its starting to scroll there at the edge that's...
  2. gregzbobo

    My NC12DX setup and running, with pics!

    Bambam zoas. Slow growers, but getting better since I shaded them. Mixed zoa rock. NEON green mushrooms. Dunno if these are named, but I call 'em pinkys. I think these are radiactive dragon eyes? Started as 3 polyps on that rock some months ago, now more like 12-13. Watermelons, with some...
  3. gregzbobo

    what is this snailish creature?

    Originally Posted by spanko Oh sure now you tell him!!!!
  4. gregzbobo

    White stuff on Chaeto

    Probably spiribiod (sp) worms, harmless filter feeder, and to be expected, the white is its calcium shell, look on the large end and you might just see its feathery net extended to feed with.
  5. gregzbobo

    Did I manage to kill my Chaeto?

    Let it green back up a while, then try it back in the fuge adding ten hours to the fuge photoperiod.
  6. gregzbobo

    Disgusting looking transparent clam-like... anemone?

    its a marine species of Sarlac, reef safe, but terrestrial relatives are known to consume the occasional Mandolorian bounty hunter clone.
  7. gregzbobo

    Please help me ID, this is on a rock covered with hairy mushrooms

    I've heard that sometimes the mucous net it puts out to catch food can irritate nearby corals, if you think thats happening, you can superglue it shut or jam a dab of epoxy over its opening. Otherwise pretty harmless.
  8. gregzbobo

    what is this snailish creature?

    Yup, limpet. Beneficial, avoid removing from glass or rock, they have an enormously strong grip when they clamp down, and can be killed if forced.
  9. gregzbobo

    JBJ 28g HQI water temp issue

    Try a fan blowing over the rear chambers if it gets too warm, that could be enough, and cheaper to try that first than investing in a chiller right off the bat.
  10. gregzbobo

    Upgrading nano sizes! Few questions too

    I'd say in that case, if your ammonia and nitrite is zero, and showing some nitrates, then it ought to be safe enough. I'm sure you already know to keep that leather and frogspawn well apart too.
  11. gregzbobo

    3 gallon pico long term anyone?

    Dunno about a clip-on, but you can still find the Current USA 12" Satellite 1x18w fixture here and there. I think JBJ makes a clip-on light for 'fuges, but its got a daylight bulb, I am not sure if it could be changed out for a 50/50 bulb or not. If so I don't see why it wouldn't work. Coralife...
  12. gregzbobo

    3 gallon pico long term anyone?

    Originally Posted by New2Salt1 Sorry, but unless that pico is attached to another system or at least a 5 gallon fuge, there is no way it could be sustained without frequent breakdowns (every 3 months if lucky). Not to mention he would be scrubbing the walls every day, cleaning the gravel every...
  13. gregzbobo

    My NC12DX setup and running, with pics!

    Been a while since I posted any updates on my tank. Have made some changes, and gotten a few more corals, and more changes VERY soon to come. Equipment list: NC12DX MJ900 replaces stock return pump K-Nano for circulation aftermarket surface skimmer (older 'cubes did not come with one) 50w...
  14. gregzbobo


    Lowish flow. Lowish to moderately high light depending on the morph.
  15. gregzbobo

    New GSP question

    I think GSP is fond of fairly high flow, not reef-crest type flow, but more than "moderate". Try putting them a bit lower and see if they open up.
  16. gregzbobo

    Need zoo help

    Originally Posted by Rdub62 Well it could be nudibranchs, spiders, snails, bacteria, formafertain(sp)? There are a number of things it could be, there are dips you can use that you mix with 1 gallon of RO water I believe and kills pretty much everything except the zoanthids if I'm not...
  17. gregzbobo

    Zoa pox...blah

    Furan-2 dip in a dish/cup of new saltwater (mixed to match display) for 15 minutes, then swish frag/colony in another dish/cup of tankwater to clean that off, then return to display. Repeat in 4-7 days if pox still showing signs of existence. For pest treatment, dip in 1 gal. FW, with PH and...
  18. gregzbobo

    Halide to LED swap

    Another thing to consider is LED optics, shallow tanks can often do without them, but as you get much deeper than about 18-22 inches, optics may need to come into play, deeper than 24" and optics are almost a must. Price is also a major player, a single Cree Q5 (107 lumens each at 350mA) can set...
  19. gregzbobo

    Upgrading nano sizes! Few questions too

    Originally Posted by Cocoacf I'm switching from a 14 g biocube to a 29 gallon biocube should have it up and cycling sometime this week. I bought a 25 + head frogspawn at the same time because they had it at a steal price of $6 per head (not including splits) so I was wondering how long you...
  20. gregzbobo

    3 gallon pico long term anyone?

    Originally Posted by Fretfreak13 Wow, what kind of TINY light is that that can support an acro? It's stunning. I only have nanos, I think the smaller fish are always prettier IMO. =) Big things come in small packages. Current-USA 12" Satellite retrofitted with 10 high-power LEDs. I plan to...