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  1. stang66200

    anyone know a lot about a clutch?

    The ability to start the car with the clutch is based on a switch, so the car starting only shows the switch is still working. If it is a cable clutch, you could have broke the cable. If it is a hydraulic clutch, you could have blown out the clutch slave cylinder.
  2. stang66200

    What do you do for a living?

    I am a Hazardous Waste Specialist for Orange County, CA. I inspect businesses that generate hazardous wastes to ensure their compliance with Federal and State laws.
  3. stang66200

    Favorite show of all time

    MythBusters is awesome
  4. stang66200

    Favorite show of all time

  5. stang66200

    Conversation Starters

    Hi . . . always start with hi
  6. stang66200

    The red sox won, white sox won... who's the most cursed professional team?

    No one seems to mention this, but what about the curse of the San Francisco Giants. No World Series since leaving New York. Call it curse of the Magic Needle . . . oh no, wait, that is the curse that is hampering Bond's knees.
  7. stang66200

    what does your name mean?

    stang = Mustang (the type made by Ford) 66 = 1966 200 = 200 cid straight 6 engine It was my first car. Now my name should be stang99281LE.
  8. stang66200

    Government and latest about wire taps.

    Seems illegal to me . . . and using the war or terror to justify anything will not go over forever. It is bad when people from both sides in the aisle in Congress have bad feelings about it.
  9. stang66200

    HELP! Chipped glass

    I would not risk it. Your only chance is to cover it with another piece of glass and make sure the entire chip is filled with silicon. I'd make sure that the "patch" contacts smooth glass all around the chip. If the chip is at the edge - I would not risk it. 150 gallons x approx 8 lbs/gallon...
  10. stang66200

    The "C" Word

    I have to second the thought about hating those who try to "save you" or "convert" you. You are free to worship who you would like and so am I, so don't push it on me.
  11. stang66200

    tank chip

    Those look TINY . . . There are several ways to handle it. 1) Silicon a small piece of glass (probably 5" x 5") over the chip and try to keep rocks off of it. 2) Silicon only over the spot, but this could move after things rub on it. 3) Fill it up with water and test it. If it can hold water...
  12. stang66200

    So...what you asking for christmass?

    New hockey skates Ford Racing complete suspension upgrade Caster/camber plates Any other car goodies I might enjoy
  13. stang66200

    Hammer Coral losing color

    Do you have high nitrates? This can "upset" corals.
  14. stang66200

    Added sixline wrasse - Crazy Story!

    Hi Rob - Sorry about your lose. It sounds like you bought this fish right as it arrived from shipment. In the future, it is probably best to let it live in the LFS for a few days and have them show you it eating before you buy it. You would not believe how many fish die within the first 24...
  15. stang66200

    Who's Your Turkey of the Year?

    Originally Posted by Darth Tang Ted "hiccup" "burp" Kennedy. Now that is just rude. Ted Kennedy is not a "role model" by any length, but the man has had a hard life. Both of his brothers got killed young. Just imagine that. Someone could have said George "sniff sniff" "glug glug" "what...
  16. stang66200

    Where did Thanksgiving come from?

    Lincoln made Thanksgiving a holiday. FDR tried to move Thanksgiving to boost holiday sales. and the 1940s (I believe) saw turkey become the main dish.
  17. stang66200

    Who's Your Turkey of the Year?

    T.O. himself . . . he was an ego-maniac head case before Drew ever got involved.
  18. stang66200

    Your Best Christmas Present EVER

    One year for Chanukah my mom decided to make my Mustang "safer" -Global West coils for the front and leafs for the back -Disc brake conversion for the front -5 lug axle for the rear -Giant sway bar for the front -Cragar S/S rims wrapped in Dunlop G/T Qualifiers . . . I really miss that car
  19. stang66200

    My Saltwater for water changes has ammonia in it

    I would probably guess that some of the cleaning agent was left in the container from the last cleaning.
  20. stang66200

    tank chip

    Is it a chip or a crack? A chip (if small enough) may be harmless. A little silicon over it (or even a small piece of glass if it is on the bottom) could fix it. A crack can and probably will spread.