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  1. tntranch


    How do we eliminate which may be the culprit? When we bought the set-up (used) everything worked, we replaced a two bulbs and everything still worked until just recently (had about 6 months) When we plug the lights in, all 4 will flash on for about 2-3 seconds then nothing,sometimes if we keep...
  2. tntranch


    We have a 90 gal. with (4) 4 ft VHO's. I cannot get the lights to stay on, they just flash for a second and wont stay on. Could it be the ballast? Also we are think of switching to Metal Hallides. How many or how big of lights will I need to replace what I have currently?
  3. tntranch

    100 lbs live rock mixed Seattle

    I would be interested in buying your rock, but I live in Michigan and could not pick it up, but if you would be interested in shipping it, at my expense, I would do some research in how we can get it shipped. If interested, let me know your e-mail and I'll contact you soon after.
  4. tntranch

    Acrylic tanks verses Glass tanks?????

    I am looking for opinions on Acrylic aquariums verses Glass Aquariums. I recently found an Acrylic tank that seems to be a nice tank but because of the way it is set up, we will have to start as a new set-up. Because of the way acrylic tanks have a "lid on the top of the tank" I am wondering if...
  5. tntranch

    Acrylic tank info needed

    We are considering picking up an acrylic 240 tank we found a good deal on. Can anyone offer any advice on the ups or downs of acrylics? Would also like to see some pics of the tops of some acrylics as this is the first one I have even seen, and am wondering about the top of it, it is permantly...
  6. tntranch

    Fish color

    Do fish lose their color brightness when the aquarium lights are off or does it just look like it? MIne seem to be very pale when just my house lights are on in the morning, then when the VHO's come on, they are very colorful. Is it really changing or does the lights just make them look more...
  7. tntranch

    Clean up crew

    Thanks for the input, I actually have CC bottom, for fish I have 3 clowns, yellow tang, blue tang, royal gamma, LMB, we do have two stars also.
  8. tntranch

    Clean up crew

    How much and what kind of clean up crew should we have for our 75? We have some LR, fish, few snails, few hermits, 1 conch, 3 different corals, mushrooms, will be adding more LR soon, is now curing.
  9. tntranch

    Feeding ?

    Thanks for the input. What kind of signs should I be looking for that I might be feeding to much?
  10. tntranch

    Feeding ?

    How often should I feed my fish? We have clownfish, blue tang, yellow tang, blue damsel, cb butterfly and a lmb. They seem to want to eat whenever I feed, but I dont want to be putting too much wasted food in.