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  1. krux

    500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef

    you can see more recent updated at his web page,
  2. krux

    Shoal of green chromis???

    cleaner wrasses do not do well in tanks, cleaner gobies do fine, but generally only have a natural life span of around 18 months.
  3. krux

    My Tank's Status so far...

    sounds like you are on the correct track... 6 gallons sounds like a good waterchange to me. realistically, it could be closer to 4 weeks before i would suggest adding anything else, but who knows!
  4. krux

    Need some help.

    i whole heartedly believe that it is due to overcrowding, and that there are too many fish for the live rock and the filter to properly process the waste. i would start with getting some more live rock, as that can always move with you to a larger tank, and then start looking around for a deal...
  5. krux

    Test Kits

    salifert is definately the brand of choice for me. luckily has some of the best prices around for their kits too.
  6. krux

    cycling my tank

    after 2 months, thing have probably already come and gone. starting with that water gave you a good bacterial boost which probably helped smooth things over. does everyhting look healthy and happy? have you asked your shop to verify your test results?
  7. krux

    help with 2part alk/calcium additive

    you need to get your calcium up first, and then use the 2 part to maintain it. i would start with a healthy water change, and then if it is still low, use a product like kent turbo calcium and slowly bring it up. once thigns are stabilized the 2 part should work nicely for you. you might also...
  8. krux

    Cloudy water-what are the causes

    it could be an imbalance with alkalinity and calcium, or it could be a bacterial bloom, possibly a couple other causes. if it remains a problem, you might want to test for the above if you have the test kits... bacterial blooms tend to go away on their own if that is the problem.
  9. krux

    KH test results what do they mean?

    11 is ok, probably a little higher than it needs to be for a fish only. 8 to 12 is a safe range, 10 to 12 is better, especially if you plan to include calcifying organisms at any point.
  10. krux

    Invert Time...

    are you buying your water at the fish store? if that was how i was doing things, i would try to get 3 5 gallon containers with nice tight screw on lids. do 10 gallons a month, and have a third spare for a backup or emergency.
  11. krux

    hermit crab

    possible that he moved out and found a better shell, also possible that he expired and that in that time frame something else consumed him. hopefully it was the former not the latter.
  12. krux

    Teeny critters in my tank, what are they?

    copepods... good sign that your tank is nice and healthy.
  13. krux

    How much current? Feeding anemones?

    what do you have going now as far as flow is concerned? i feed my rose small chunks of seafood, usually squid or scalops, a couple times a week. after the first couple feedings it caught on and now i just need to wave the food in its tentacles for a second and it latches on. my rose lives under...
  14. krux

    Crab WWF?

    one wanted the other one's shell.
  15. krux

    Whould like to start

    your first purchase would probably be a skimmer and a sump if you have room for one (you may alread have one, didn't see it listed). do you have anything else in your tank for water flow, powerheads and the like? what is your lighting setup? the three big costs in the average reef tank: live...
  16. krux

    Shoal of green chromis???

    a friend with a 210 has around 20 greens in it, very neat to watch them swim about together. personally i am more of a fan of cleaner shrimp than obligate cleaner fish.
  17. krux


    do a search for bristle worms. they are detrivores, generally cleaning up any dead matter that floats to the bottom. once that has been consumed they will work on uneaten fish food. their population is limited by food sources, so if they go up in number, something may be amiss. 6 line wrasses...
  18. krux

    id please to this clam??

    they can help with nitrates, not ammonia, it needs to sit in the tank long enough to be converted.
  19. krux

    Can anyone ID this????

    you can also search for green gonipora to get a little more info.
  20. krux

    Will a LMB be alright on Crushed Coral?

    when i had substrate, my lmb did just fine. aside from occasionally resting, you will not find him on the bottom often.