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  1. joojoo

    What to feed my BTA

    Originally Posted by Coral Keeper Try feeding it some salmon if you have any? Or try anything els you havent fed it, thaw the food before you feed it to the anemone. Salmon's too oily and isn't the best thing to put in the tank.
  2. joojoo

    My Turbo Has Hair!

    You should never release a tank inhabitant into the wild, the hydroids could very well hurt the bay. Maybe put it in the freezer, I don't know if that is humane or not, but I've done it with a fish.
  3. joojoo

    My Turbo Has Hair!

    It's gonna be hard to completely remove them from the snail without harming it. I'm not sure how they reproduce, but I would treat them as Aiptasia, so don't cut them, that might make them spread. I would never suggest this, but for the sake of your tank in this situation, I'd say toss the...
  4. joojoo

    My Turbo Has Hair!

    Good job identifying them. They are pest because they can sting anything they touch, like petjunkie said. They are related to jellyfish.
  5. joojoo

    My Turbo Has Hair!

    Hydroids maybe.
  6. joojoo

    Thermos trade- version 2.0 read completly if participating

    Wow, holy crap I forgot about this! I'm so sorry! So busy with summer classes and 2 jobs at the moment... Stangbabe, I replied to your email last week I think because I wasn't sure if you wanted more PSP, didn't I give you some in our last trade? I also never heard from the guy who is supposed...
  7. joojoo

    Blue Hippo Tang losing color

    FWIW, my Hawk (meanest fish ever!) was sold as a Pixie, which I believe is another common name for the Spotted, and looks like yours, nolatrav .
  8. joojoo

    New additions (PICS)

    Are you running 10k lights by any chance?
  9. joojoo

    yellow watching goby

    Is he out and about more often? They usually will sit right outside of their cave. They are one of my faves ^_^.
  10. joojoo

    yellow watching goby

    When it gets comfortable, it will dart out of its hole to catch food. Give it time to adjust. Feed it whatever you feed the rest of your fish.
  11. joojoo

    Reef Thieves

    Originally Posted by puffer32 I have the same shrimp/goby combo you do. But mine doesn't steal my frags. He did take a suction cup from my heater and is using it for an umbrella or canapy over his patio. Haha, aren't they cute? Christopher Lowell it is .
  12. joojoo

    cleaner clams

    Yes, very true. They are sold as Cherrystones, Little Necks, Quaohogs, probably some more names... Thy should be on ice to keep them alive. Take them home, put them in a small cup of tank water. They will "burp" out some air and sometimes sand. After that happens, throw them in the fuge and...
  13. joojoo

    Reef Thieves

    Originally Posted by barchtruong I am sorry but what am I looking at in that photo now? can't tell wat's going on.... Lol sorry, it was taken on my phone. My Tiger Pistol shrimp is stealing a leather frag as his Randalli Watchman keeps an eye out for me! Click it, it's a video.
  14. joojoo

    Quick Pic

    Originally Posted by thud Wait, fourty five percula clowns?! That's my dream tank.
  15. joojoo

    Reef Thieves

    I hope I linked the video right...
  16. joojoo

    Reef Thieves

    I noticed some of my frags slowly disappearing day after day... I caught him! I guess he wanted to brighten up his bedroom :thinking: . Anyone else have a klepto in their tank? I hope I linked this right...
  17. joojoo

    Thermos trade- version 2.0 read completly if participating

    I'm gonna have to change my Purple Mushrooms to Purple Star Polyps... the mushrooms disappeared... I think my Pistol Shrimp stole them.
  18. joojoo

    Adding Live Sand to an established tank?

    Originally Posted by dapak83 by critters what kind of critters do u mean.. i mean i thought live sand was supose to have bacterias in it to deteriate the waste and lower toxins....what do the critters do? "Critters" includes different types of pods, worms and snails that shift through the sand...
  19. joojoo

    More then 2 clowns in a 180g??

    Maroon Clowns are pretty much the most aggressive species of Clown. But yes, in that large of a tank, 2 pairs of 2 species can be kept successfully.
  20. joojoo

    Blue Ribbon Eel

    Dang, that sucks, sorry. The new SFE looks really cool though, I'm sure he won't be as much of a challenge for ya.