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  1. toasterman

    sell 150gal tank and items in IL

    I am interested in the tank and lights. Also willing to drive, just email me
  2. toasterman

    Ordering a new tank...

    If you would like the site just email me
  3. toasterman

    Ordering a new tank...

    72 x 18 x 17
  4. toasterman

    Ordering a new tank...

    Yeah, I ended up getting a 100 gallon, drilled in the center with a 2in drain and 1 1/2 return.
  5. toasterman

    Ordering a new tank...

    So I am planing on ordering a second tank today, I was planing on turning it into a reef. I am going with a 75gal. Getting it pre-drilled but I want go with 2in drain with 1 1/2in return or 2in return. any thoughts welcome.
  6. toasterman

    i want to change my fowlr to reef..

    I would go ahead and get MH.
  7. toasterman

    Some new shots of tank..56k take a nap

    Amazing pictures I really like that one on the clam with the sun coarls in the back.
  8. toasterman

    Help with maxi jet power head

    I put mine on the sides and back 4 facing down, 3 facing towards the middle but slightly down and 2 low and facing up, Just use them to help get rid of dead spots. Also on the air bubbles use the little knob adapter on some air hose to control the bubbles.
  9. toasterman

    eggs on glass help

    TSL had a really good post about raising clowns a few years ago, I think the title was "Raising clowns 101". That should help you out a lot. heres the link
  10. toasterman

    Tank at 7 months

  11. toasterman

    bonding acrylic and glass

    frames are really annoying to get off, it took me a good day and a half to replace a galss side panel...
  12. toasterman

    How frequently do you test your water??

    i test almost everyday.. jsut becuse i am werid about the water..
  13. toasterman

    Invasion of the "Baby Peppermint Shrimp"

    could you raise them with lots of hard work and dedication.. becuse man that would be awsome..
  14. toasterman

    Glass drilling help needed

    if it is tampered, i have learned that auto glass stores, are very well equiped at drilling tampered galss.. i paid 30 a hole.. but it was well worth it.. yea most likely got riped off but who cares..:D and if you contact the company that bulit your tank, they should be able to tell you...
  15. toasterman

    ID this ugly thing please!

    steinchef ill take it off your hands if you dont want it. email me i have 2 others.. and im in the process of looking for a third..
  16. toasterman

    ID this ugly thing please!

    looks kinda like a mantis shrimp to me.. do you have a better picture of it?
  17. toasterman

    Plexi vs Glass for Light spectrum

    you should look into getting acrylic rather then plexigalss.
  18. toasterman

    How do you find. . . . . .

    she serves ice cream... i dont know if it has some kinda special name..
  19. toasterman

    How do you find. . . . . .

    yea.. i live like 2 minutes away.. do you know lyane.. she works their too.. never stoped in though..
  20. toasterman

    How do you find. . . . . .

    west chester.. where are you located..