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  1. sato

    small bugs

    If they are small and white little dots running around then they are Copepods, they are a good thing and every tank has them. They are eaten by some fishes like Mandarins and Dragonets. They will not take over your tank as they usually take to the rocks during daylight hours. If, however, they...
  2. sato

    Can I get a clam?

    Yes, that lighting should be able to support a clam. As for color Maxima clams are usually blue, Crocea clams are usually a greenish color, and Derasa/Squamosa/Gigas clams range are usually found in green and brown. And if you can find a Hippopus clam you should pick it up because it has such a...
  3. sato

    Clown Tang

    Yea they are one of the majorly difficult fish to keep, needs a very high nutrient diet with lots of algae supplements. Also note that this is the only venomous tang.
  4. sato

    Club Soda

    A Mantis doesnt seem at all plausable. There is a good chance you would hear clicking noises form the mantis, unless its a stabbing kind. And even then I dont think I've never heard of a mantis attacking coral let alone eating it. I cant offer any other suggestions though sorry :(
  5. sato

    Rose Bubble Anemones for cheap if your in/around Oklahoma!!

    Pet Stop is near the corner of 129th and 86th in Owasso right next to the movie theatre. They have some decent corals and can either be very overpriced or very cheap so its kind of hit or miss. As far as fish they run all of their 50 tanks on 4 systems and usually 3 out of 4 systems are infected...
  6. sato

    feather duster question

    They should be fine anywhere that there is decent flow.
  7. sato

    Need Help

    If you dont have a quarantine tank this could get to be rough, and yes it is most likely from the hippo you introduced if it did indeed have ich then it has contaminated your entire system. If you plan on treating in your main tank which you dont really have a choice you could attmept to use a...
  8. sato

    Rose Bubble Anemones for cheap if your in/around Oklahoma!!

    Owasso is about 20 miles north of Tulsa, which is about an hours drive northeast of OKC.
  9. sato

    Rose Bubble Anemones for cheap if your in/around Oklahoma!!

    I dont know if anyone is interested but if anyone is looking for a nice addition to their tank for a great price there is a LFS near me(Owasso, Oklahoma) called Pet Stop that is selling Rose Bubble Anemones for only $49.99!!! I have never seen them cheaper then $150 in any retail store, and for...
  10. sato

    LFS Trading

    At most a few bucks a piece, Zoanthids grow fast and almost everyone with a reef tank has some of it. Its very common and inexpensive.
  11. sato

    My New MH Bulbs.. Won't Ignite >:

    My guess is that they using a different ignition system. There are two main kinds Pulse start and Probe start (I have no idea what exactly it means though) but you may have gotten a different kind of bulb then what your ballast is. Pulse start is much much more common then probe and its...
  12. sato

    Need help ASAP

    I agree on the SG issue as alot of stores run Hyposalinity to keep disease and other issues down, so if your LFS does run a hypo system your going to need slowly up his salinity over time I usually raise it to normal over the course of a few days. I disagree with the diagnosis of Velvet, Velvet...
  13. sato

    Toadstool Splitting

    Yes, what he is doing is budding, its a form of Asexual reproduction and will grow just as any normal Leather would.
  14. sato

    how do you know if a clam likes his spot in the tank?

    Yes, if he foots hes happy in his place. But I usually go with the extension of his mantle and siphons to tell wether or not hes doing well.
  15. sato

    Anthelia problems

    I wish the pic was more clear :( It might be the victim of chemical warfare from another nearby coral, or it might just be unhappy with its placement. You might just try moving it around a little as there seems to be no problems with your water. Anthelia is usually very hardy and incredibly fast...
  16. sato

    how do you know if a clam likes his spot in the tank?

    If the clam fully extends his mantle and opens his siphons then he is most likely happy with where he is, usually he will also secure his foot but not always. Like if he is resting on algae he wont extend his foot. Not extending his foot is ok but it can lead to injury or death from falling or...
  17. sato

    Deep sea yellow Gorgonian

    If hes open hes probably happy, usually the brighter colored deep water species are nto photosynthetic and will require regular feeding so I would try to get a schedule and perhaps feed him twice a day with some form of phytoplankton or other small food such as the oyster eggs.
  18. sato

    Calcium Levels?

    You want calcium around 400, I would try to keep it from going over 450 or so and if you have hard corals or alot of coraline algae its going to sap it from the water pretty quickly.
  19. sato

    green goniopora

    I have had a little luck with these 2 species in the past, both are often found in relatively shallow waters in lagoons which usually have high nitrate buildups. So they seem to do better in "dirty"(nutrient rich) water with pretty high light and slack flow, they also very much appreciate...
  20. sato

    Whats eating my Mushrooms

    Did this happen very rapidly? Meaning was it fine the when you went to sleep and then when you woke up it looked like that, and is it recovering or did it die within the day? I know that there is a form of RTN(rapid tissue necrosis) that can attack shrooms but it usually will completely melt the...