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  1. notsonoob

    everything dead...

    If the snails were alive I would doubt that it was the temperature. I am more to agree with a toxin, probably from the parasite that you tried to take out. Cukes and such can kill off a tank if they die. What also is puzzling is that snails are usually pretty fragile. I've had my tank up to...
  2. notsonoob

    Nitrite is 0 but I thought Nitrate was supposed to up

    Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 nitrate can reach zero, it can be taken care of by algae build up in your tank, and since you shouldn't be stocked right now - there should be no problem. One chemical is another creatures food... the cycle of life. I giggidy that... and I'll giggidy, giggidy...
  3. notsonoob

    BIGGEST mistake you've made in the hobby

    Originally Posted by rtzx9r Trusting my LFS on water testing. Said everything was fine for a year, each week I went in. Still, after 12 months and 440watts (VHO) I had zero coraline algae in my 60 gallon tank. LFS #2 tested my water and voila- take a wild guess what was wrong...
  4. notsonoob

    sump/fuge building

    The biggest problem with a sump that small is ensuring that you have a sufficient bubble trap otherwise you'll get micro bubbles in your return lines. I have the same thing on a 10 gallon. I actually use 2 ten gallons on my 72 bow, as dictated by my area in and under my stand. I use 1 ten...
  5. notsonoob

    I Need a Few Opinions?

    Originally Posted by Bang Guy Removing the Hippo and Naso Tangs would help your tank a lot. I agree, one day they won't be bad, the next you'll be watching the Octogon, especially having a smaller tank.
  6. notsonoob

    best sand out there

    I prefer the kind that is cheap and at the beach.
  7. notsonoob

    Sand question

    It might be cheaper if you find yourself two or three 5 gallon buckets and a nice clean beach.
  8. notsonoob

    SW and Sand right off the beach

    Hmmm... Trip to the beach with the kids once a month for a water change?!? Priceless.
  9. notsonoob

    SW and Sand right off the beach

    Depends upon what beach you grab it from. Some sands might be replenished from other sources, while some beaches are replenished with dredged sands from the ocean floor. I got some really nice sand up north of WBP. It was so good that my poor daughters couldn't even make a moat on a sand...
  10. notsonoob

    Newb Algae question

    HEX aquariums are horrible about flow if not set up correctly. You can easily establish a dead zone. Best to ensure that you have plenty of flow pushing from the bottom up.
  11. notsonoob

    when to add salt ?

    Yeah, I suppose everybody has one of those. I see there is no sense in responding to your posts anymore, since in fact you like to play games for the setup.
  12. notsonoob

    when to add salt ?

    Originally Posted by ca161406 but if its inside the cabinet in the sump there are no outside elements. like if its sitting on a hood or canopy the wood stain could become eroded and then flicked in with the the sump its sterile You have a sealed cabinet? I'm talking about impurites...
  13. notsonoob

    when to add salt ?

    To each thier own. Anytime salt is evapped out of the water, it is creep, so it wouldn't matter if it would be on your hoods, the top of the tank, on your sump, or on your skimmer outlet, it is the same. But I'm sure that there might be some that just falls off back into the water anyway.
  14. notsonoob

    best shrimp

    Originally Posted by Mr_X i like skunk cleaners best (L. Amboinensis). I only lost a few peppermints back in my noob-days, but I still think that they were taken out by my Pseudochromis paccagnellae I had in the tank at the time. Otherwise they are fairly hearty. I would stay away from...
  15. notsonoob

    when to add salt ?

    Originally Posted by ca161406 i just flick salt creep back in the tank. i only get it on my sump where the skimmer is and where the overflow hoses hook to the sump. i only have to top off about half a gallon every two days. i top off with tap with API marine conditioner. for water changes i use...
  16. notsonoob

    when to add salt ?

    Originally Posted by SnakeBlitz33 AHHHH!!!!!!!! It might be a joke, but if you don't know for sure, you shouldn't say anything! People who truely don't know will take your advice.... You should never add salt to water that has fish in it. Not a joke. I was even told to do that by a trusted...
  17. notsonoob

    water quality & coral question

    Get your PH to 8.3 first. It really is going to depend upon which corals you add, but get your PH stable at about 8.3. Then make sure that your calcium and trace elements are always at a decent rate.
  18. notsonoob

    Help w/xenia

    Xenias are touchy. Sometimes they just up and disappear for good. Sometimes they grow like quackgrass.
  19. notsonoob

    Cal and Alk

    I'd also look into your calcium test kit. I used a seachem that always tested 100 points lower. I was also told that by a 20 year reefer to stay away from that test kit. Match it up with another test kit. I usually test out about 270. I've also been have problems testing my alk with seachem...