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  1. tome

    Best Prank Pulled

    A family member pulled this prank and I found this priceless. He was in the middle of a prank fight with a truck driver who visited his store. He had a smoke bomb and wired it to the car's ignition. So when the drivers went back to their car and turned it on, they start to leave but then put the...
  2. tome

    New Bubble Snail

    He's Awesome, is he a fast eater?
  3. tome

    One minute of your time?

    This made me feel very stupid for some reason.......
  4. tome

    Stonefish Help Please

    Honestly I cannot say that it is an amazing price, but i've seen them around that. I have seen a stonefish eat a fish almost bigger than itself. Stonefish are hardy, but if you get stung by one: Bye Bye. If you really want one, I would get a lock for your tank. It may look stupid but better be...
  5. tome

    my new lionfish shed

    You do realize this is a 3 year old thread.
  6. tome

    First Fish!!!!!

    Don't worry people are reading, and hoping for pics (hint, hint )
  7. tome

    going aggresive

    Also a trigger would pick on a kill the sting ray. If you wanted to, you could get a snowflake eel, a huma or niger trigger, and probably something else with a good skimmer.
  8. tome

    Bully Angel,

    Also what are the sizes of the clowns compared to the angel?
  9. tome

    Acclimation question

    I personally would acclimate all 3 tangs seperatly. The way I see it is that they are probably stressed after shipment and could use a little time alone. I am not very familiar with keeping several yellow tangs so hopefully someone with more experience with them can reply.
  10. tome

    Lionfish & Puffer

    A snowflake eel is never a bad choice if you looking for a small eel. I believe they max out somewhere around 20 inches.
  11. tome

    Snow Storm!!!

    What happened to all the snow?!?!? I got less than an inch and worse than that, had to get up for school!
  12. tome

    Snow Storm!!!

    Good luck to you to nano, since i'm close to NY I root for the giants as a second team. Packers are my favorite, but at least one team I like will be in the super bowl lol.
  13. tome

    PLEASE HELP ME WITH IDEAS...Going out of town

    If you pre mix the saltwater, couldn't you just ask you brother-in-law to put a gallon or two in every other day?
  14. tome

    Snow Storm!!!

    The generator depends on if you have money to burn Just make sure you are prepared to take care of the tanks if you do lose power. We are suppossed to get 5-10 in NJ so I am looking foward to a three day weekend (and no School!)
  15. tome

    Lionfish & Puffer

    If you go for the niger, puffer and eel; you need to be careful with both the tang and clown. If they are small they are easy targets for the eel and trigger. I personally would start with the three and see how it all works out before adding any more fish.
  16. tome

    Lecithin's 50g Tank Diary

    Very nice, good luck in the future.
  17. tome

    why me? how do i get rid of it

    What kind of tank do you have? If you have an aggressive tank maybe a hungry trigger would do the trick ? That is if your tank is suited for one of course.
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    word association

  19. tome

    word association

    Movie Theater
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    word association