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  1. shroomie2u

    update and advice

    thanks for responding! who would have thought that cleaning a tank would be so much trouble! we got about half of the tank cleaned out so far. i don;t want to go all out reef cause i seem to be fish intolerant. they all die when i try to care for them so i let everyone else do it! i think it's...
  2. shroomie2u

    update and advice

    hey guys and gals! been MIA for awhile due to numerous health issues. had a little scare but i'm ok ! my sister gave us a 85 gallon used tank! i'm super excited! have to clean it and all that good stuff, but i was looking for some advice. what kinda filter system, heater, basic lights, protein...
  3. shroomie2u

    who has the best pizza

    Originally Posted by JerryAtrick I think Jersey Shore folks will agree here... "Mack and Mancos" on the boardwalk SORRY... didn't realize it was between Chicago and New YUCK!!! we go to a place on the boardwalk in that the place you are talking about?
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    RIP Bernie Mac

    so sad godspeed bernie
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    who shares your birthday?

    november 14th claude monet veronica lake joseph mccarthy prince charles
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    can i join the ?
  7. shroomie2u

    How do i catch this fish?!!?

    try putting a bowl or tupperware bowl in there and leading it into it then just scooping him out. hope that helps.
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    Review your city's aquarium

    actually the national aquarium is cool, but it is way too expensive! thursday is like the discount day. but the staircase is really neat! went to a little aquarium in point pleasant beach, NJ like a month ago, was really awesome. they have touch tanks and lots of tanks. they had cow fish tanks...
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    This guy wants to be president?

    oh i have lots of help, my family takes good care of me. just things get tight when you have food prices high, electric jacked up, and a car that dosen't want to go (my boyfriends). sometimes you gotta reach out and you shouldn't be ashamed. i never asked to be in the position i am, i have...
  10. shroomie2u

    This guy wants to be president?

    yes they do! there was no way outta it. they want to know who lives in the house and how much they make as well as how many hours they work. what can ya do? i am not a scammer, i couldn't lie, i had to say the truth. so i was denied. and apparently, they are responsible for my son's health...
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    This guy wants to be president?

    Originally Posted by Darthtang AW No lynchmob, we just call out people when info is wrong. You are welcome to your beliefs and your own politics, we just have a world of political info between about 6 of us on here and we can be vocal about it when we see something that isn't correct or seems...
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    This guy wants to be president?

    Originally Posted by Darthtang AW Yet you have the money handy to buy a saltwater aquarium and over stock it with fish....not to mention do everything you posted about doing to save the fish that were dying........Sorry, but I don't buy it...or as a single mother you need to change some...
  13. shroomie2u

    Pet thread to post pics of your pets

    my kitty rosie sticking her tongue out at me! Attachment 205414 my sisters dog capone Attachment 205415
  14. shroomie2u

    New kid pics... let's see yours

    my 7 year old isn't complete without his mohawk Attachment 205409 my niece who just turned one Attachment 205410 i am the luckiest mom in the whole world Attachment 205412
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    This guy wants to be president?

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman And I'm not ignoring you. If you post things like this expect your opinions to be challenged. If you want a pep rally find a different forum. Here, opinions will be challenged, from both sides. then challenge them! don't sit there and expect a me to put up a...
  16. shroomie2u

    This guy wants to be president?

    i never did any obama campaigning, i simply stated that i liked him. and i'm not ruffled, i just don't feel the need to sit here and type boring political satistics, that's not my deal. and as i recall i did point out why i thought that obama was refreshing. we can discuss things and we can...
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    This guy wants to be president?

    Geez!!! does everyone gotta agree with you or what??? are republicans always so argumentitive????
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    Mixing clown species?

    sorry. i got my college degree 2 years ago but i didn't get it in spelling!
  19. shroomie2u

    This guy wants to be president?

    no one is trying to "abandon the constitution" get real! i'm not going to get to get in some stupid political argument over a saltwater hobbyist message board. your not going to change my opinion and i'm not going to change yours. i think that obama is quite refreshing. he is a wonderful...
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    This guy wants to be president?

    Originally Posted by 1journeyman Classy and eloquent are what we should look for in a President? Let's take a stroll through 20th century history. Many of the worst dictators had "new" ideas, were charismatic, some were certainly eloquent, and some were considered "classy". How about instead...