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  1. hermit enthusiast

    Snails Breed?!?!?!

    i've had my tank up for almost a year now and about two weeks ago i saw some baby snails in my tank. i belive that it was my snails that i got in my clean-up crew that bred.
  2. hermit enthusiast

    Starting a population

    I have a 37-gallon eclipse too. I wanted a protein skimmer so was forced to take off the back of the eclipse and left the lights on. I have about 50-lbs. of live rock and everybody is doing fine. I use a prizm skimmer and a powerhead for water movement. I have two perc's and lot's of snails...
  3. hermit enthusiast


    I have ordered invertabrates from this site and they have done just fine but I was wondering about fish? Has anyone ever ordered fish from here? Good or Bad experience? I was going to order 2 bangaii cardinals. Thanks in advance for the help.
  4. hermit enthusiast

    blue legs eating star polyps?

    Mine do the same thing. My scarlet's even get on top of the polyp's and picking the stuff off. They have never hurt them though so I would not worry.
  5. hermit enthusiast

    Emerald Gestation

    mine bred and she released live young into the tank. I never saw them mate though so i can't help you out there. When she released them my clowns were sitting right there and goubled them up as she released them.
  6. hermit enthusiast

    Red Sea Prizm skimmer

    I figured it out. I feel really dumb. I was putting the water in the wrong chamber. Thanks for the advise anyways.
  7. hermit enthusiast

    Red Sea Prizm skimmer

    My skimmer isn't working. I just got it today and have read the directions and troubleshooting and did what it said but it hasn't worked. Has this happened to any of you? How did you fix it?
  8. hermit enthusiast

    Coral Banded Shrimp?

    No he has seen my website.
  9. hermit enthusiast

    Coral Banded Shrimp?

    thanks for telling me i love my arrow crab and would never want anything to happen to her since apparently she is the most layed back arrow crab my lfs has ever seen. I told him about her and he said that usually they pick on polyp's feather dusters and lot's of other things. But when i told...
  10. hermit enthusiast

    Coral Banded Shrimp?

    Okay guys you misunderstood me. I just wanted to know whether or not they were compatible and you guys are placing bet's on which one would win a fight. I'm kind of getting the picture that they are not compatible.
  11. hermit enthusiast

    Coral Banded Shrimp?

    Are arrow crabs and coral banded shrimps compatible. I saw one today and want it but i'm afraid that my arrow crab will pic on it. Any suggestions? thanks for any replies.
  12. hermit enthusiast

    zebra hermit crabs

    I have one that came with my blue legs from They are also called left handed hermits because one claw is bigger than the other. So far no problems and I don't think you will have any either.
  13. hermit enthusiast

    Arrow Crab Info Needed

    I have mine in with emeralds, hermits, and corals and it has not once bothered any of them. She will eat the molts though. She is carrying an egg sac underneith of her right now and is a little pushy when feeding time comes around but other than that I haven't had any problems with her.
  14. hermit enthusiast

    Metal Halide lights

    I just found an article in one of my magazines and thought this would help all of the people who ask about metal hailide lighting and how much is needed. *How many metal halides do I need? Illuminate every 2 feet of tank with one metal halide. *What wattage is appropriate for my tank? 18" deep...
  15. hermit enthusiast

    coral id

    Can anyone help me id this coral? All you have to do is go to my website and click on the corals link and it's the stony coral. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. hermit enthusiast

    ID for lr snail (have pics)

    Hey man the pic's didn't show up.
  17. hermit enthusiast

    my emerald crabs.................

    My emerald crabs mated!!! Got home from work and there the female was realising the babies. It sucked though 'cause I don't think any of them made it. My clowns were sitting there eating the babies as she let them go. My arrow crab has an egg sac that I hope will hatch soon. Just excited...
  18. hermit enthusiast

    stupid anemone

    I found mine and he is doing okay i wish he would find a place to set up residence permenitly. It's good that he is growing on you though 'cause you can't get bored while it's in your tank.
  19. hermit enthusiast

    stupid anemone

    I fed my anemone last night and when i woke up this morning I couldn't find him. Hopefully i will find him to be just digesting his food.
  20. hermit enthusiast

    anemone food?

    What does everyone feed their anemone's? Mine seem's to like salmon. Just wondering.