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    Other Types of Algae :-D
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    feather leaving tube??

    You may have it in an area of too much flow. If he does jump ship he will build a new home as long as your parameters are good and you don't have any possible predators in the tank.
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    Crab Id

    where did you find this crab? I can't give anything more specific than "bad rock crab".
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    feather duster Happy or Sad?

    Sounds like he may be about to jump ship (tube). Possibly the flow is too quick in that position.
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    Invert questions

    1)From what i have heard- yes they are non-photosynthetic and rely on feedings. 2)Well i am not sure of the diet of this shrimp. According to hobby rumor they feed on the tube feet of echinoderms, but this may have arisen from the shrimps commensal relationship with the echinoderms, but that...
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    best inverts

    There are lots of smaller inverts that you can keep in a 3 gallon tank, but the problem is with large salinity swings though. There are ways to combat this using cheap top-off systems.
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    Smoking effects on tank???

    I mean, I am not positive since there have never been (to my knowledge) any experiments done on smokes effect on marine animals. It would seem likely that there would be an effect though.
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    Spawning Turbo Snails???

    Some species of turbo are very capable of spawning in our tanks. It could be hitchhikers or babies depending on what species your invert is.
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    Smoking effects on tank???

    I would think that some of the chemicals in smoke would get into the water, and might be dangerous to some of the less-hardy animals. :notsure: -roo
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    Light source

    The type of light does matter... the intensity of the light is very very important. Catawaba- Are you Catawba (from the Catawba tribe in the south)?
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    new 28 gallon tank

    Alot of it depends on what you want your tank to be in the future, and what you want to be able to keep. heater lights test kits refractometer skimmer (?) refugium/sump (?) pumps/powerheads thermometer the ones with question marks are optional depending on what your final setup will be. -Roo
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    Phosphate question

    What are your phosphate levels? there are basically three ways, phosphate reactor, water changes, macro-algae. Reactor- Largest initial cost, I have heard they are effective though. Water Changes- Effective, but they are temporary, lots of work, and too many can be stressful to your tank...
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    Sea Apple?

    Sea Apples- They need lots of food and are pretty temperamental...and if they are too stressed then they release toxins into the water. Really best for their own species tank. Lettuce Nudibranch- They are very susceptible to being sucked into powerheads. They also need fairly strong light, and...
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    tube anenome

    Not the tube anemone's, they are not photosynthetic at all.
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    It is spelled coelacanth. I wanted to add the r to the end of it, but it wouldn't fit, so I took out the "o", because the "o" confuses people on how to pronounce it (cee la kanth). :jumping:
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    What can i keep

    Some sps, such as montipora will live under VHO or t-5. But if you want things like Tridacna crocea (clam) or acropora..then MH is a must.
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    Its hard to make such sweeping statements about a group as large as the Ophiuroids (fancy name for brittle stars and serpent stars). Some are known for eating fish (Green Serpent Stars) some couldn't possibly eat a fish (Amphipholis squamata). But generally, a serpent star/brittle star CAN eat a...
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    aggressive damsels

    Yes, chromis (genus Chromis or subfamily Chrominae) are a type of damsel (family Pomacentridae)
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    aggressive damsels

    Not all are. For example: the one in the pic is a Talbolt Damselfish (Chrysiptera talboti), and is considered very docile. Your LFS is right about this damsel.
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    ok, then he did eat something relatively large, and so if your clownfish is the only one missing, then it was probably the clownfish that was eaten.