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  1. rrcjr1972

    29gal biocube, end of my rope with skimmer!!!

    bump, anyone?
  2. rrcjr1972

    29gal biocube, end of my rope with skimmer!!!

    I purchased a cpr sr3 skimmer and after 7 days my display is a micro bubble factory. No recent water changes or chemicals. I have read every post I can on how to stop this.Here is what I have tried. 1- turned around to face chamber 3 2- added filter floss to skimmer chamber 3- added filter...
  3. rrcjr1972

    new mh bulbs wont light

    I had the hamilton 175 watt x 3 light fixture( black box). Same problem. Problem is the bulbs, For whatever reason the hamilton 10k will not fire. I replaces ballasts, capacitors with no luck and alot of money later. I then purchased xm 10k's and fired right up. Then I put the hamiltons in and...
  4. rrcjr1972

    Niger trigger in reef?

    I had one in my reef. Got him and didn't bother anything, After about 8 months ate 4 cleaner shrimp, 1 fire shrimp, killed my anthias and became a huge bully that stressed my other fish out.
  5. rrcjr1972

    Changing bulbs question.

    What is the negative effect of replacing all at once?
  6. rrcjr1972

    Changing bulbs question.

    I am changing my 10k de halide bulbs to phoenix 14k. My question is will there be any changes I need to do with run time of lights or acclimation. I was told the 14k phoenix bulbs should be replaced one at a time with 1 week in between bulbs.
  7. rrcjr1972

    long tentacle plate coral

    Very hard coral to keep. I personally have lost 2 in the past with perfect levels and they were fine one day and took turn for the worst the second. Make sure all levels are good and hope for the best. Sorry to hear you are having trouble with it.
  8. rrcjr1972

    Purchase corals online vs. LFS

    Prefer to see first hand the color, health and conditions. Never know with online orders. Just my 2cents.
  9. rrcjr1972

    Dear Diary...

    Cool names, I feed my clowns once a day. Variety of foods and only enough so it eats all in a few minutes. Hope this helps.
  10. rrcjr1972

    Live sand maintenance

    Get a clean up crew. Snails and hemits will take care of the sand. You don't want to disturb the sand any more than necessary. Could cause spike if disturbed too much.
  11. rrcjr1972

    Phos reactor question?

    Thanx again , you have been a great help.
  12. rrcjr1972

    Phos reactor question?

    cool sounds like the research was right on, thanx a bunch. You don't happen to have a pic of your reactor set-up maybe?
  13. rrcjr1972

    Phos reactor question?

    I was thinking of that one with rowa media.
  14. rrcjr1972

    Phos reactor question?

    What brand would you suggest for a 180 gallon?
  15. rrcjr1972

    Phos reactor question?

    I am going to purchase one in the next couple of days. My question is where do you put the pump. Does it go from sump to reactor and then back into opposite side of sump where return pump is?
  16. rrcjr1972

    Help with bulb selection

    I agree the 14k has a nice color. Not too yellow/white and not too blue. Just google search for the 14k hqi, should be able to find them. Try phoenix
  17. rrcjr1972

    Selling Reef Setup

    Interested in ca reactor, is this complete or reactor only, could u send pics and price e-mail
  18. rrcjr1972

    Heat problem with tank brace?

    no but was thinking maybe a clip on desk fan from walmart should work.
  19. rrcjr1972

    Heat problem with tank brace?

    sorry 4x250 mh.
  20. rrcjr1972

    Heat problem with tank brace?

    I received my aquamedic 2x250 mh. I installed it, hanging from ceiling. My problem is the brace is getting hot to point of deforming. I had the lights 6" off top of tank and now 9". Still getting too hot. What can I do to remedy this problem?