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  1. gohabsgo


    probably a valentini,i used to have one and he was my favorite fish even do he was in my reef and hate 3-4 coral lol!!!
  2. gohabsgo

    toby puffer with dwarf lion

    hi ,i would like to know if someone has these two together!!If not is this possible!!tanks
  3. gohabsgo


    tanks meowser!!! i'm a girl to LOL!!!!
  4. gohabsgo


    oups forgot to says it's a 55 gal 4 feet long!!
  5. gohabsgo


    hi guys!!! i would like to know if it's possible to put a dwarf lion with a valentini puffer!!I have a secont tank that is fowlr and i would realy like to have these guys since i cannot have them in my reef!!!!
  6. gohabsgo

    can't get a great pic!!!

    O.K tank you i will try that!!
  7. gohabsgo

    can't get a great pic!!!

    hi guys!!i need some tips i have a canon rebel xs and eaven with that i dont seem to be able to take realy nice shot!!!any help would be great!!!
  8. gohabsgo

    My foxface's eyes

    Mine too!!But just a litle bit!!
  9. gohabsgo

    Puffers and coral, Can they coexist

    I had puffer in a reef the only thing he touch was 2 plate coral and a brain!!I have 3 big shrimp and he never touch them. He seem to have a taste mostly for lps!!!
  10. gohabsgo

    The best tank on

    He is not in the list,but i realy like nycbob tank!!
  11. gohabsgo

    ready to buy bangaii cardinal!!

    For me it's not realy important if they never breed!!But i dont want two male that will end up killing each other that what is more important for me!!!
  12. gohabsgo

    ready to buy bangaii cardinal!!

    so,litle update!!This morning i went to the lfs and picked 2 bangaii,i hope i have a pair!!I dont know if it's a good sign but when i put them in the tank they imediatly went side by side!!Funy part is all the other fish are afraid of them!
  13. gohabsgo

    ready to buy bangaii cardinal!!

    Tank you !i will do that and will buy tank breed for sure since they are available and probably more hardy!!
  14. gohabsgo

    ready to buy bangaii cardinal!!

    HI guys !! Iwould realy like to buy a pair of bangaii cardinal but since i canot see the difference between male and female i would have to rely on luke!!So let,s say i get two females (80 gal reef) would they fight?IF i get 2 male,probably .I need a litle input as to know what to do!!
  15. gohabsgo

    verry bad puchase!!

    A couple weeks ago i bought a pistol schrimp.I thought that would be cool...yes right!!!Now my water is all cloudy from the sand blowing and i would realy like to catch her!!But how?
  16. gohabsgo

    PJ Cardinal??

    Yes i am from Montreal and it's pretty much double price,even Demsel are 14 box!!!
  17. gohabsgo

    What's up with the arow crab?

  18. gohabsgo

    What's up with the arow crab?

    I bought a condilactis anemone a month ago,and since then the arow crab always stay beside her,touching her like it was is girlfriend or something!!I find it realy odd!!
  19. gohabsgo

    New Fox Face

    Congrats!!!Can't wait to put my hands on one!!But can't find one like RCREATION avatar,for some reason they dont have the black dot!I am so jealous!!!
  20. gohabsgo

    Lemon peel angel with sps?

    I have one in a reef and he hate brain coral,he nip alot!!!I had to transfer a elegance coral to my other tank because he was eating it!!And now i see him nips my monti!! Very nce and active fish but i would not buy another one!!!