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  1. harris28

    JBJ 28g HQI water temp issue

    Originally Posted by jemshores Also, prop up the lid about 2". I use a wine cork LOL! Actually the stock lighting keeps quite alot alive, minus clams. When you mean stock are you referring to the florescent? I would say that the HQI would keep clams.
  2. harris28

    JBJ 28g HQI water temp issue

    I am thinking about down grading from a 75 to the 28 nano. I was just wondering if people are able to run this set up without a chiller? I have corals im going to swap over and I dont think the fluorescents will cut it but I also dont want to buy a chiller. Any help would be great. Thanks
  3. harris28

    Something bad happened last night!!

    its a 75 gallon
  4. harris28

    Something bad happened last night!!

    Well it was over due really. I had scrapped Coraline of the side glass and a little off front glass. My rocks were covered in brown matt algae so I cleaned it off with a toothbrush. I added a new powerhead, and cleaned the filter pads and filter housing with fresh R/O. I did not do a water...
  5. harris28

    Something bad happened last night!!

    So I did some tank maintenance last night and when I woke up this morning to go to work I took a peak. To my horror the water was bad, bad cloudy and all my frogspawns have died, my montipora died and is now white, snails are dead, and zoas, rics, and shrooms do not look happy. My clam is ok for...
  6. harris28

    OMG!!! Enough is enough

    Originally Posted by beazalbob69 And I am truly sorry if I offend anyone by this next comment but.. Most of the people I know who go into the military do it because they dont have any better options or for the sign on bonus or to prove that they are true Men or Women. They dont do it to help...
  7. harris28

    Dead snails

    To tell if they are dead simply take one out and smell it. If it smells rancid, then its dead and should be removed. Because if nothing is there to clean it up, then you amonia could go up. And to clarify, I've had snails in water as low as 1.019 and they were fine.
  8. harris28

    need help im moving!

    I just moved my 75 gal reef across town which is about a 30 minute drive but let me tell you it was not fun. Bring lots of friends. I took all my rock with no corals attached and wrapped them up in newspaper and put in a rubber maid container. I have 3 30gal rubber maid trash cans and rocks...
  9. harris28

    Please Please Please...

    Oh I hate it when people drive under the limit. In my town they actually have to post minimums on the highway. The speed limit is 70 but the min is 45. And so many people ever since gas went up drive slow to try and conserve $.50. Speed up people its not worth it!!! I also hate when people...
  10. harris28

    OMG!!! Enough is enough

    Originally Posted by TurningTim Darth please tel me when we will stop spending on a war that we have already won. Sorry i see no end. Even if we win? We will be stuck there for years to come and without any payoff....... Yes we will be there for years. Like many wars before we will still be...
  11. harris28

    OMG!!! Enough is enough

    Well I can say I did not vote for him!!!!! I think those that did will relaize they made a mistake. He complianed about the bush administration running up the deficit, what do you think he is going to do?? This is not good at all, heck he is basically running a clinton admin and look where...
  12. harris28

    HELP...Foxface FREAKING OUT!

    My foxface will do the same thing. I think that is just there nature. He will pull out and be fine. Then probably in some time he will do it again. Mine, when eating, will be pigging out and then all of a sudden thrash about and hit the rocks in camo mode. He has always done that and I have...
  13. harris28

    how to attatch frags

    Super glue works great but if you are trying to glue shrooms or rics you will have to take a different approach.
  14. harris28

    Reef health, cut the lights.

    I have done it once to help combat some algae and yes my tank was way clearer and my corals did well. However I lost two fish and the only thing I could think of was that when light is off Ph drops. Now I am not sure if the prolonged Ph drop harmed them or what but as far as I could tell they...
  15. harris28

    Better Light? Nove Extreme or...

    Nova extreme pro is better because it has individual reflectors and that is what you need. Look at the aquactinics Tx5 also.
  16. harris28

    Crocea help

    I think you will be fine with T-5's and on the sand. I have a crocea clam which I have had over a year now and it is growing evident of the white growth on the shell. I have had it in the sand since day on. It is attached securely to a rock that is under the sand. It is growing and no bristle...
  17. harris28

    Coral placement

    Yeah I have noticed that mine likes to reach out a touch rics also. When I first saw it, it did not know who was hurting who.
  18. harris28

    Goby Owners!

    I'm not sure you need to change it but watchmen gobies like to burrow in the sand and crushed coral, based on the size, could prove difficult. I guess it is up to you and how you feel the goby will do with the crushed coral. Changing substrate out is not fun but can be done. And you might...
  19. harris28

    diatom ?

    That purple and pink algae is coralline algae. It will come in time but you need to provide it calcium and your parameters in check and also some decent light( I've had it grow under PC but it really took off with my T-5's). It will form on glass and plastic parts first then to your rocks. It...
  20. harris28

    Emerald Crab

    Ive had some emeralds and have watched it nip at corals and fish swiming by. Like any crab, they are opportunistic feeders. While some might not other may. Its a gamble. I will not have them again but that is just me.