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  1. oceanminded

    For Beth

    Why do you keep deleting my posts?
  2. oceanminded


    Hey if you see this post please reply. I want to know how the tank is going.
  3. oceanminded

    190 gallon setup 4 sale again!

    The tank has been sold.
  4. oceanminded

    190 gallon setup 4 sale again!

    Evil, I will email you. The tank is 2 ft wide x 5ft long x 30 inches high. The canopy has 6- 5 ft vhos with 2 660 icecap ballast. 4 cooling fans built into the canopy, 2 cooling fans in the stand, Overflow, about a 20 to 30 gallon sump(im guessing) an ETSS protein skimmer and pump, it is all...
  5. oceanminded

    190 gallon setup 4 sale again!

    Ok, I have tried to sell this setup before, well numerous times and alot of people are interested but seem to always back out. This is a good deal. The tank is 190 gallons with overflow and with sump. It is a walk around tank meaning all the wires and plugs run through a pvc pipe inside the...
  6. oceanminded

    Giant Carp

  7. oceanminded

    Giant Carp

    Just wanted to share with everyone about my fishing experience today. I was in a tournament(bass) and hooked a grass carp that weighed 45 pounds! I caught it on 14 pound test and a bass style rod and reel. Does anyone know what the record carp on this line is? I could have had a record!
  8. oceanminded

    feeding anenomes

    Yes definately get some more lighting. The 2 24 inch strip lights that came with your tank are probably about 30 watts total. That is not even a 16th enough light to keep an anenome.
  9. oceanminded

    know what kind this is?

    Dont know what they are but they dont look like aptasia to me.
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    Bicolor angel

    Why does this site say that bicolor angels are reef safe? Am I missing something here? I know some are and some arent, that is misleading to say that they are completely reef safe.
  11. oceanminded

    sabea anenome

    Every sebae I have ever seen was white. So I guess all the pet stores that I have been to are selling sick sebae anenomes?
  12. oceanminded

    250 Ninja 4 sale in Alabama

    nanocuber7...still interested?
  13. oceanminded

    any one ride?

    Used to race motocross on the local tracks where I live. Broke my collar bone during warmups one race and had to quit racing. Couldnt afford being out of work for 6 weeks. Still love to ride though.
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    250 Ninja 4 sale in Alabama

    I am asking 2400.00 for it. That is with 2 new helmets.
  15. oceanminded

    meat of the gods...

    pwnag3!! dude... i could eat grass and bacon and it would be delectable. mmmmm Well now what kind of grass?
  16. oceanminded

    250 Ninja 4 sale in Alabama

    Here is the 2003 250 Ninja I have for sale. Only 1400 miles. Anyone interested please reply.
  17. oceanminded

    Triton vs Stratos

    1 more...
  18. oceanminded

    Triton vs Stratos

    Got a few pics...
  19. oceanminded

    Triton vs Stratos

    Well thanks everyone. I got me a Triton TR 175 with a 90 Johnson and it is rigged out. Im in love! Will try to post a pic too.
  20. oceanminded

    Who will be the next american idol???

    Bo is from Bama...ROLLLLL TIDDDDE ROLLLL!