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  1. jb clown

    Do you name ur fish?

    I named mine Bob. j/k
  2. jb clown

    anyone interested

    Yellow tail my dad lives in Melrows Ny. and i and staying with him now but going back to PA soon.
  3. jb clown

    Shipping and Handling Advice

    The one time I ordered life fish online and they sent it overnight but when it got to State College (a city closest to me were Fedix ships to) and they forgot about it!!! I called them and they said that it is still in their storage thing and never got on the truck... They said it will come the...
  4. jb clown

    is this true?

    Hey RatPack... Is that a 75 sealife system you have for a filter or a bigger one? I have a 75 sealife and i was wondering how did u get your return pips split into 2? Thanks :happy: :jumping: :happy: :jumping:
  5. jb clown

    500 gal reef converted to 850gal reef

    OMG ....that is the most beautiful tank i have ever seen!!! Very nice... Think about it.. I could stand in that tank on my feet and i would drown!!!!!! Its 7 feet TALL!!!!! Thats what I call a Aquarium Tank!!! Good job Steve :jumping: :happy: :happy:
  6. jb clown

    how much do you pay for live rock?

    I paid $90 for 25 lbs of tonga, about $110 with shipping ... Thats about $4.40 /lb
  7. jb clown

    A good, nice, starters coral for begginers

    anyone else? i was maby thinking something like a soft tree coral of maby a xenia? Thanks :yes:
  8. jb clown

    What is on my live rock?

    I am pritty sure it is a feather duster...They are not bad to your tank at all. I dont know a lot about them but you got luckey because they are really cool... :joy:
  9. jb clown

    Mushrooms not oppening

  10. jb clown

    A good, nice, starters coral for begginers

    I have been looking at a lot of soft and hard coral and I just want a good hardry coral that looks nice. I have a 36 gal tank with 65 white and 65 actinic lights and a 75 pro wet/dry filter with a skimmer. I also have 24 lbs. of live rock. I have had my tank up for about 2 months with my fish in...
  11. jb clown

    Algea problem!!!!

    Thanks BenJ..... and all. I will try that.....What is RO water....? RO?? Is it like store water....? Thanks
  12. jb clown

    Algea problem!!!!

    I don't live in a city so I have a well....I get good water from the well.. Do I still need to buy water?? Thanks :)
  13. jb clown

    Algea problem!!!!

    PH 8.2-8.3 Ammonia 0 NitrIte 0 NitrAte 0 What is a Phosphate??? Have not herd of that...:confused: I have 2 snails and 2 pepperment shrimp. I bought 6 snails and only 2 lived for some reason. I feed them once (1) a day and only and i am cutting down to a little now. I have a 350 mag drive on my...
  14. jb clown

    Mushrooms not oppening

    I have had them in for about 3 weeks and when i put them in they were fine then all of sudden they didn't open. I have my pump blowing water right at them and the leather so they get water. Thanks :thinking: :confused:
  15. jb clown

    Algea problem!!!!

    I have had my fish in my tank for about 6 weeks and I have lots of aglea(or of what i think i aglea). I have a 65w blue and 65w white light right on the tank. There is green and red slimmy stuff over the live rocks in my tank. You should see it in my pic. Should i take off all the algea off the...
  16. jb clown

    Mushrooms not oppening

    I have had my fish in my tank for about 6 weeks and i bought some mushrooms and a leather. I have them about 9 in. for my light which is a 65w blue and 65w white light (a total of 130 ). When i first put them in they were doing well and then all of a sudden the are not oppening. My leather is...
  17. jb clown

    pics of my latest additions

    Hey how long did you keep your fish in your QT because I just got my fish today and i put them in my QT and I have my tank all set up and the water levels are fine. How long do you think i should keep my fish in my QT. They all look healthy and they are all active. Thanks and here is a pic of...
  18. jb clown

    Quarantines???..what they do...

    I was wondering what quarantines actually do. I herd people talk about them and I was wondering what they do. I think people put fish in them for when a fish as ich or something like that but do you put fish in them before you put them in your tank. I have a 36 gal tank and i have live rock in...
  19. jb clown

    Help.!.!. Mag Drive tubing

    I have a 36 gal tank with a 75 pro filter and I have a 350 mag drive in it and the tube that returns the water always has some white paper-like stuff in it. If you move the tube all this paper like stuff goes in my tank and when i use my net it makes an even more mess out of it. Is this normal(i...
  20. jb clown

    What to do with my Eclipse 6?

    elmono maby you could just put your 6 gallon inside your 20 gal...Is it the same hight? and then just have like some starfish inside and some sponges.... I don't, maby, wild thinking :thinking: :jumping: