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  1. johnnysalt

    Sump/Refugium Help Please!!!!

    I have a 30g fugesump under my 100g....and sometimes think it's barely adequate. I don't think there's a hard and fast ratio to follow with these things, but the bigger the better, no doubt! Remember, you're only using PART of the 30g for the refugium, so it's now an even smaller %. I bought...
  2. johnnysalt

    wtb: corals in fort worth area!!

    Let me know what you have here and I will reply back! I'm looking for basically anything that's $15 and under.....except for anthelia.....I'm open to everything else though! gimme a pic too if you have one! oh yeah, I've got 2 175w 15k mh's. thanks! John
  3. johnnysalt

    Anti-siphon Hole for return

    oscardeuce: your as-hole? ...plugged with salt? nobody wants to hear that, man. sounds like you need to see a doctor too. (Heh heh :hilarious just kidding!)
  4. johnnysalt

    Live Rock- FS

    hey dockery, can you save some of that LR for the frag fest?!? I need some of it! if so, thanks! John
  5. johnnysalt

    Frag Trade DFW

    LeBoeuf, what sizes you got? and how much you asking?! thanks, John
  6. johnnysalt

    Nitrate Problems

    is this a new tank? how big are your 5 fish? your monthly water change: how many gallons? (also, you really need to find the fish...if he's dead, but hasn't been eaten yet, get him out!) John
  7. johnnysalt

    Frag Trade DFW

    .....except for the "trade" part....I have no frags (moving) but would buy some!! let me know if that's a possibility! oh yeah, april 17th - afternoon or evening? thanks, John
  8. johnnysalt

    new refuge

    sent you a diagram and a pic
  9. johnnysalt

    pump too big?

    tranquilscapes in arl. there's a 2-3 wk waiting list though, but there ya go! John
  10. johnnysalt

    new refuge

    that's exactly what I did with my sump. I made the sump out of a 20g long tank, so I had plenty of room for a refugium from almost half the length of the sump. (I divided off the sections with plexi and silicone) I had the 2nd to last section for the return and the last section was the...
  11. johnnysalt

    Just one green chromis?

    I'm wanting to have only 2 green chromis...with a yellow tang, clowns and a flame angel. your thoughts?! thanks, John
  12. johnnysalt

    In-Wall tank?

    have some questions on your in-wall: how bout when the sand on the hallway side gets nasty against the do you clean it from the other side? (I'm thinking of leaving the hole tall enough to show only about a half inch of sand.) canopy: did you have to cut the backside of the canopy...
  13. johnnysalt

    Anti-siphon Hole for return

    yep. so you drill it just under the water line. BEFORE you drill it though, do a recreation of the power outage: before your refugium fills up, look on the return plumbing to see where you need to drill it. hth, John
  14. johnnysalt

    Crash519...or any other dfw ppl! (Drilling the tank)

    I'm in fort worth and need to get a 100g drilled in a couple months. Where are some places in dfw to get it drilled? And for how much?? Also, what are your suggestions on hole location? Back or bottom? (Moderators: why can't we pm ppl?)
  15. johnnysalt

    DIY sump questions

    I'm in fort worth and need to get a 100g drilled in a few months. Where are some places to get it drilled? And for how much?? (Moderators: why can't we pm ppl?)
  16. johnnysalt

    Live Rock- DFW

    Dockery, Email me (address below) and let me know what time you'll be home tomorrow! I might can swing by and buy something from ya! John :cool:
  17. johnnysalt

    Live Rock- DFW

    Hey again, Email me and tell me what ya got left with coral on it!! I can come out in a day or two! fort worth :cool:
  18. johnnysalt

    How close is too close??

    Rye, it's 85 in the canopy, not the tank temp! :p I'll update this post with the tank water temp when it hits its highest temp in an hour or so. so again, what is "too hot" in the canopy for you? john :cool:
  19. johnnysalt

    How close is too close??

    PLUM, (or anyone else!) I like your setup.....I just got 2 175w mh setups....I have a diy canopy like yours too. mine does not have a back....should i cut a hole in the back and stick a fan in the canopy like you have? bulb is about 6 or 7" from water. I have one light installed in there now...
  20. johnnysalt

    converting filters

    let me put it this your own ecosystem. save TONS of cash by using a 20 or 30g tank with plexiglass dividers between the chambers. one for your skimmer, one for the return and one for a possible refugium....using the miracle mud if you like that aspect of the Ecosystem. just my...