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  1. @knight

    peppermints and cleaners

    thanks, i was going to get a pair of each for my reef tank and wanted to check with others berforehand just to see. I didnt think there would be problems, but wanted to make sure. thanks again
  2. @knight

    spider web looking stuff on a piece of lr

    i believe they may actually be a snail species.
  3. @knight

    peppermints and cleaners

    anyone ever haveproblems with cleaners and peppermints in the same tank?
  4. @knight

    Cleaner shrimps dying

    theres an LFS in tulsa selling LR @ 18.00/lb and getting away with it. (not to me though)
  5. @knight

    bad news for @knight

    yeah, those are all great fish, but your tank can only handle one fish right now, i would still stick to 1 (one) hardy fish right now. it won't hurt to get one thats bigger than a guppy ;) but after 1 fish dont add another for a few weeks. The slower you go the better your tank will be.
  6. @knight

    Protien Skimmer working in reverse?

    thats quite a lot for a 25 gal tank. How long has the skimmer been up. Skimmers have a break-in cycle they need to go thru before they become really effective.
  7. @knight

    Shark Tankmate Suggestions Wanted

    IMO a lionfish would look great in a tank with a shark. groupers are nice also and both fish are relatively inexpensive and cool fish to have.
  8. @knight

    Calcium or Kalkwasser?

    if you wnat to save a buck or fifteen, yoou can buy "Ball Pickling Lime" it is calcium Carbonate and the same thing as kalk. it takes longer to dissolve, but will do the job equally as well. additionally, when you drip, you want to use the middle solution, not the debris on bottom or the film...
  9. @knight

    PureAragonite Sand vs Southdown

    oh, a shipment of 5 bags will run you just over a bill to your door.
  10. @knight

    PureAragonite Sand vs Southdown

    it is the exact same sand, except it is a little more refined. it does cost more, but is still alot cheaper than your LFS.
  11. @knight

    bad news for @knight

    i would use egg crate as screen will clog very easily with detrius or other debris. sorry to hear about the fish. when I first saw the thread title, i was worried that you lost him due to stress, and then I would have to eat my words and listen to a bunch of {"I told you so"'s It sucks to loose...
  12. @knight

    bugs in tank?

    your not in trouble at all! the larger things are called amphipods and the smaller ones are copepods. These are friendly guys and are signal that you have a healthy growing tank. The featherdusters you describe are tubeworms and are filter feeders. they are nice to have as well. The snails...
  13. @knight

    apstasia fear

    how'd the peppermint shrimp get gobies??? Ive never seen a pappermint get aggressive, perhaps the gobies got sick or killed by something else and the shrim was just doing his job being a scavenger.
  14. @knight

    apstasia fear

    my advice is to inject the ones you can see with kalk and get a couple peppermint shrimps to play clean-up on the ones you dont know about yet. For every one you have, you have 5 getting ready to pop up. these things reproduce faster than rabbits.
  15. @knight

    SeaTest Calcium Test Kit

    my test kits do that. i think the test is accurate. keep adding calcium. it may take a few weeks after dosing before numbers will rise.
  16. @knight

    quick ? doea any one use air stone's?

    theres nothing wrong with breaking the water surface, which prooly will happen with the filter. what you want to stray from is thousands of microbubbles clinging to the corals.
  17. @knight

    free to whom ever pays shipping

    lion-fish, that comment was not necessary. Looking at your recent posts, i would say you still need to learn about fish. some people actually prefer CC as a substrate, it is great in FO and aggressive tanks. I still prefer LS, though personally. I appreciate Got Krabs offer, thanks.
  18. @knight

    silicate based sand

    i agree, aragonite is better and may prove to be worth it in the long run
  19. @knight

    is a 30 gal a good size for reef

    i have a 30 reef and love it. using 4 in DSB and no problems to date. (10 mos)
  20. @knight

    Diatom bloom?

    nassarius snails are good diatom eaters and live in the sand. if you can get a few they are highly recommended. but all in all, the best thing to do would be too be patient and wait it out.