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  1. shawnd61

    bluestreak damsel compatability like to have one in my tank, but i think that their tempermant is too bold for my other inhabitents. any comments/opinions????
  2. shawnd61

    bluestreak damsel compatability

    will a Paraglyphidodon oxyodon work w/ the other fish that i have in a 46g bow?? i have a false perc., mandarin, firefish, and a striped dottyback.
  3. shawnd61

    spot feeding a pearl bubble coral

    well, how about it? is it something that i need to do? i was told that i need to feed it some squid once a week.
  4. shawnd61

    why do i keep losing tangs??

    i had a cherub and he nipped at my feather duster. so i think those are a no unless there are others that dont do that.
  5. shawnd61

    why do i keep losing tangs??

    jay, what is there to work out?? from what ive heard, i cant keep a tang in my tank. i need to either: 1. lessen the amount of lr in the tank so it has more room 2.have it be the only fish in my tank 3.get a bigger tank none of which are going to happen. i love my lr scaping. i enjoy different...
  6. shawnd61

    why do i keep losing tangs??

    im just a little disapointed. i really thought i could get away w/ something like a mimic tang or a regal. i'm thinking of maybe getting 4-5 chromis and having a little school of those instead. then again, i might just pack the tank w/ as much coral that will fit into it. i dont know. just...
  7. shawnd61

    why do i keep losing tangs??

    my tank is about 1 and a half months, but it was established for 8mnts b4 i moved it. all of my parameters check out. only nitrates are a little high--20-30ppm, and my sg is kept - 1.024 according to my hydrometer. i have about 100lbs of lr in the tank, and it does occupy a lot of space. thats...
  8. shawnd61

    why do i keep losing tangs??

    even 1 as tiny as i mentioned??? if so what other "bigger" sw fish, that are reef safe, could go into my tank??
  9. shawnd61

    why do i keep losing tangs??

    i do thank you for the advice, but before i bought either tang i did take my tank size into consideration. the tangs that i was putting into the tank were young yet. once they had outgrown the tank i would have traded them in for something else. besides, the hippo was only a little bigger then...
  10. shawnd61

    why do i keep losing tangs??

    i have a 46g bow, and i keep losing my tangs. my other fish--false perc, firefish, mandarin, and a dottyback--remain healthy. i had a kole tang for about a month until he kicked the bucket. and i recently bought a regal and it kealed over last night--at least i think. the kole became...
  11. shawnd61

    sickly goniopara

    over the last week it has gone from waving very heathly, to being just kind of blah. it hasnt lost color, but it just dosent extend the way it used to. any thoughts about what might be my problem?? i've checked my water and everything seems to be fine but the nitrates--they are between 20 and...
  12. shawnd61

    uv or diatom???

    i'd like to bump up my filtration on my 46g w/ something that would really knock somethings out. what is recomended out there, diatom or uv sterilizer??
  13. shawnd61

    uv or diatom???

    i'd like to bump uo my filtration w/ something that would really knock somethings out. what is recomended out there, diatom or uv steralizer??
  14. shawnd61

    My new 46 bowfront

    why has this turned into a big battle over whether i can have a dragonette or not?? check out my tank and tell me what you think. that's it. no need to fight over nothing. trust me, i have it all under control. i am always on here consulting w/ others on what is best. i'm fully aware of the...
  15. shawnd61

    coralife or redsea skimmer?

    i have the coralife skimmer myself, and boy does it put out!! i know that sounds like a commercial, but it really does the trick on removing organics from my 46g. if i dont wash my hands before i stick them into the tank, the skimmer will throw a bubble fit trying to remove the oils that i put...
  16. shawnd61

    My new 46 bowfront

    Here are some more pics under actinic lights
  17. shawnd61

    My new 46 bowfront

    This is my new 46 that I have set up for over a week now. I bought it from another forum member in NC. I lost the Colt and the 4 xenia fragments. Everything else looks great, check out the pictures. :cheer: I would like an ID for the last picture. I dont know what it is :confused:
  18. shawnd61

    lowering kh

    my kh has 19 dgrees of hardness, anything i can do to get it lower--like where it needs to be??
  19. shawnd61

    reef compatable angels

    my tank size is 46 bow, but it is stocked w/ probably at least 100lbs of rock so it is probably more like a 38. then again, i do have a 10g sump, so figure that in too.
  20. shawnd61

    calcium and alk problems

    you might to make this post in the reef section. it will probably get more attention.