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  1. handtlkr

    attaching corals to rock

    Hi, I've tried to attach corals via the tube of stuff you cut off and knead, but it didn't go well...did I do something wrong??? Thanks!
  2. handtlkr

    aquapod skimmer?

    Me too....I just had to lower the water level a bit. Took out the sponges and am only running carbon and some other packet I can't remember the name of. As long as the water level doesn't go higher than the bottom of the cup. I ran it Sun-Wed and emptied it last night. Some fluid, little...
  3. handtlkr

    AP vs. Red Sea Max

    Hi all, I've been shopping about and was wondering the differences b/t the two. Is the RSM all that and a bag of chips for that price??
  4. handtlkr

    aquapod skimmer?

    I recently got the Oceanic nano skimmer and it's been up and running in my second chamber since Sunday. It seems ok...but then again, I do wish the company would come up with something better than that crappy fission one they recommend!!
  5. handtlkr

    Major Loss Today.........87*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear! Old timer or new, it still really sucks to loose any livestock! I hope you and your tank are recovering!
  6. handtlkr

    I have an idea....

    My friend sent me a pic of a company that does that. It took round spheres and connected them using clear pipe. It was WILD! I'm sorry I don't have the pic!
  7. handtlkr

    coral chart..... add more if you have them

    I've done an Exel sheet but cannot attach it....:-(
  8. handtlkr

    new torch and flower pots

    I can't wait until tomorrow!!! Thanks again!
  9. handtlkr

    new torch and flower pots

    Cool!!! So just a temp acclimation and then place? That is SOOOOOO much easier! Thanks and I'll try it tomorrow!!
  10. handtlkr

    new torch and flower pots

    How many corals have you done....really???? I've been told that way, but if it's not right and working for you maybe I'll try!!
  11. handtlkr

    new torch and flower pots

    put it and store water in a bowl, and then a shot glass about every 5-10 min till water was 75% mine 25%. It was open then..I quickly transfered to tank and placed.
  12. handtlkr

    Cannot keep cleaner shrimps alive!!

    I'd love to know how to keep shrimp alive also! I've tried 2 times, each with great water params and acclimating for over 2-3 hours. The little guy is great for 2-4 days and then I never see him body either. My tank is too small not to notice the long tenticles..sooooooo....and I...
  13. handtlkr

    new torch and flower pots

    Hi, I got a torch also, acclimated it (it was so happy it opened up!) and then after a night in my tank, it's "melting" away. What the heck!!!