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  1. nick76

    Painting Room w/ tank

    Well the tank isn't going anywhere for awhile and I want to paint the bedroom & I cant move it. I don't think there would be any problems but I wanted to get a few opinions. Im just gonna cover it with a tarp and probably keep the lights off for the day because my T-5 fixture needs to push all...
  2. nick76

    Can algae live on light alone?

    Its a type of plant and so it uses photosynthesis as such.
  3. nick76

    Can I break up a large lr?

    Use a hammer, smash it in a washtub. Wear gloves if your touching it, you dont wanna get stung by anything. Ive done it plenty of times.
  4. nick76

    Maroon Clown MURDERED!!

    How long were the two maroons together? Possibly the one was frightened from the other erratic behavior and chose to strike before struck itself was attacked.
  5. nick76

    I spent 9 hours on my Tank

    When I had to get two out of my tank, I shut all the light off in the room including the tank lights for a few hours. Remove the top, get your net ready. BAM turn everything on in the room Full Blast + The tank lights on Full, sent the 2 damsels into shock immediatly and I just scooped them...
  6. nick76

    aptasia infestation

    Originally Posted by newbesalt i need help.... Aptaisia just keeps getting worse soo bad that joes juice cant keep up.. due to soo many little ones ..tried pepermit shrimp (did not work) So last resort i pulled all my LR and soaking in freshwater...Crazy ?? thought that it will kill it...
  7. nick76

    water changes

    I wouldnt go any longer than every other week, I started trying to go longer without changes and had a nitrate buildup that took many water changes to get back down to where I wanted it.
  8. nick76

    algae on tank wall

    i usually just try to keep the sides & the front clean, its quite a pain to get to scrape off the back wall around all the rock.
  9. nick76

    my 45 gallon tank pics

    Yep great start, I would try to get some more rock in there and stack it a little bit so the fish have a place to go underneath like a cave.
  10. nick76

    LOSING CORALINE GROWTH could these be the culprits?

    Originally Posted by MrineLfRlz im not to sure what limpets are? Do a google search, they look like tiny grey pyramids with holes in the top. But even soon I have a lot of them and still have plenty of coraline.
  11. nick76

    Help, taking apart tank?? Bobbitt Worm

    Very cool, im interested in seeing some new pictures.
  12. nick76

    My new fox face with a banged up nose

    Originally Posted by Skidemon95 sounds good, what do you consider a while? i will try that out! yeah those spikes are scary lol. they definelty look like they can do some damage Sharp & Poisonous, some people can develop a very nasty reaction to being stung like being allergic to a bee sting...
  13. nick76

    LOSING CORALINE GROWTH could these be the culprits?

    I dont think those stars are a problem I have tons of them, harmless they are. Your calcium is high so I would rule that out and you replaced your bulbs so its not low wattage thats doing it, hmm... Have any limpets? I have a bunch here n there that eat my coraline on the walls.
  14. nick76

    Newbie and the 300 gallon aquarium

    Wow very nice, ill be keeping tabs on this.
  15. nick76

    So im going to be moving soon...

    Originally Posted by Flower Having a tank already set up is fantastic! You can pull out almost all of your rock and place it in the new tank, with new substrate ( I like live sand myself) ...When you are ready, and all water tests read stable, you can move the coral, inverts and fish to the...
  16. nick76

    So im going to be moving soon...

    And that means im going from a 55 to a 90 REEF Well my 55 has about 10 corals and 4 fish a bunch of inverts and has probably close to 70lbs of LR im wondering how to go about the move? The 55 is setup in a place where it will be able to remain functional until the 90 is ready to switch...
  17. nick76

    Tank getting really warm from the heat

    Thanks for the ideas everyone, ill give it a try.
  18. nick76

    Tank getting really warm from the heat

    Ok so its about 90 Degress today and the tank temperature is about 87 degrees... Im gonna cut the lights early until this heat wave passes. Is there anything else I can do to lower the temp? A/C is not an option right now. What about a small bag of ice in a zip lock bag? Not enough to...
  19. nick76

    Bubble Algae Explosion

    Well I recently replaced my bulbs for my T-5 Fixture and now im definitely noticing growth of algae of all kinds. I had a few patches of bubbles here n there but now it seems to be growing out of control. I have 2 emerald crabs that pick at it but its growing faster than they can eat it. Ive...
  20. nick76

    So I think I have flatworms...

    Originally Posted by spanko Start sucking the little bast'ds out at water change time too. lol... I just did one today, unfortunately I didn't actually figure out what they were until after I was done.