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  1. mmmsalty

    torch & leather dead

    i have absolutely no idea what is going on in my tank. It's been up and running since may. after cycling i added a clown goby and a lemon peel, these fish are still doing great. i wasnt sure if i wan't a reef when i first started setting this up but i thought i'd start with reef safe fish and...
  2. mmmsalty

    blue reef chromis

    ok, thanks. i guess i'll go with the green. i thought i looked on this site for the size of the blue but i guess i missed it. thanks
  3. mmmsalty

    blue reef chromis

    i was tryin to decide between green or blue reef chromis, i was looking at a website today & it said the blue reef chromis could get up to 5 in. ??? huh? i thought they were both about the same size but i guess i'm wrong. could anyone clarify? im looking to get the smaller of the two i think...
  4. mmmsalty

    New reef safe King Angel

    i know i shouldn't but i can't help myself :D i have 12 tanks!!!! me and my daddy are gonna get another one too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.... lionfish12. r you 12, you are aren't you.
  5. mmmsalty

    Where to start???

    just a thought........ you WILL want a bigger tank after having the nano. you will want more fish, more rock, more coral...... you will love it and want more of it. get something a little bigger even if u have to save a little longer. (of course these are just thoughts) i wasted a ton of money...
  6. mmmsalty

    help me choose a clown please

    ok, so they "shoal" b/c their movement is not synchronized and polarized. forgive me for saying "school" actually i just looked that up to appear smarter.
  7. mmmsalty

    help me choose a clown please

    thanks, will the green chromis shcool in just a group of 3?
  8. mmmsalty

    Baby On The Way!!!!!!!!

    :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:
  9. mmmsalty

    help me choose a clown please

    i don't want to be one of those cruel people who insist on stuffing my tank full of fish, how do u guys feel about these in a 55 gal? (standard 48 in) lemon peel clown goby 2 perc's 3 green chromis
  10. mmmsalty

    help me choose a clown please

    ok, thanks. that's kind of the answer i was looking for. i like all my fish to get along, so i guess i should get the perc's. plus this leaves some extra room in the tank. so should i get one, or two? thanks, for responses by the way. :)
  11. mmmsalty

    help me choose a clown please

    ok bang guy, how did i know you'd say ocellaris :D just kiddin ok, so should i get a pair or just one? the perc would get about 2 inches i guess? and the maroon around 4. :happyfish is either a more hardy fish? or less shy?
  12. mmmsalty

    help me choose a clown please

    how big do u think the maroon's would get?
  13. mmmsalty

    What do you think?

    :joy: very nice! let's hope he just decides to hang out there!
  14. mmmsalty

    help me choose a clown please

    :happy: I can't decide which clown i would like to purchase. i have it narrowed down to two choices: perc or maroon. i know the maroon will get larger, but how large? i only have a 55 gal, im not looking to overdue it. I would like two, i think? i've read everywhere that clowns do best when...
  15. mmmsalty

    FluidizedBed filters

    :notsure: hmmm. that's really interesting that u were given that information. i also have a fluidized bed filter and have asked questions about it on this board & never got that response. i thought i did plenty of research before i purchased it & i didn't get any negative responses or "beware"...
  16. mmmsalty

    First Coral

    they can get pretty big, i have 3 yellow toadstool leathers (they r attached to one rock) they r about 3 to 5 inches across. they can even get bigger than that. im sure yours will grow to this size as well, it is very similiar to mine.
  17. mmmsalty

    Dwarf Angel

    i LOVE my lemon peel, he's pretty, birghtly colored & very active, he plays in the current i have going in the front of the tank all day long. i've read on this board that they can be agressive, but he's the most mild tempered fish i have (may have just gotten lucky). It's a very entertaining...
  18. mmmsalty

    can i mix these??

    :) thanks! but i guess i'll pass on adding the clarkii. :( i dont want to make my current fish angry, i like them all to get along. i had aggressive fish in the past & i can't stand it.
  19. mmmsalty

    can i mix these??

    i have a 55 gallon as well, i guess it's not a good idea. rats. i guess there is no other clown i could add then?
  20. mmmsalty

    can i mix these??

    If i have a pair of common clowns, can i add another clown of a different kind? im wanting to add a clarkii. will this make them angry or can they all just get along? :happyfish