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  1. lawnmowerblen

    Extremly agressive carnivourous fish for a 15 gallon?

    try sharks and eels and black fish are mostly aggersive first there happy and nice then:
  2. lawnmowerblen

    Blue Reef Chromis question

    did you check the amona in your tank?last time i had a bunch of snails that died and the amona was toxic i cant beleave my blennie lived!did you check the salt in your tank?
  3. lawnmowerblen

    Minimum tank size for a Lawnmower Blenny

    i love mine you shouldt have any problems
  4. lawnmowerblen

    Anyone kept a bunch of dwarf angels together in the same tank?

    my friend had a few dozen Black Angelfish biggest mistake ever for her they kill each other until she was left with only 1
  5. lawnmowerblen

    20 gallon fish suggestion

    i perfer gobys and blennies there great fish try to look them up
  6. lawnmowerblen

    whats your favorite gobie and blennie?

    oops i forgot the goby part the Diamond Goby
  7. lawnmowerblen

    whats your favorite gobie and blennie?

    i love the Lawn Mower Blennie and the Diamond
  8. lawnmowerblen

    whats your favorite gobie and blennie?

    post away
  9. lawnmowerblen

    Watchmen Gobies

    i might get another lawnmower blennie and breed them if they like each other mines called chili he's the boss of the tank
  10. lawnmowerblen

    Yuck! What is this HUGE disgusting worm?

    i had one of those apear in my tank outa no were my lawn mower blennie killed it 0,o i was kind of shocked
  11. lawnmowerblen

    i am getting another goby and i dont know whats best for my tank

    it's 55 gallons and i have a Engineer Goby and a Lawnmower Blenny i have alot of live rock in there and i have 3 damsels but when they die i'm never going to get more.anyways witch one should i get
  12. lawnmowerblen

    Fish suggestion

    maybe a dwarf angel or maybe a trigger
  13. lawnmowerblen

    Anyone sucessful with more than 1 dwarf angel?

    my friend said she put two together and they fought to the death she was so mad it was funny
  14. lawnmowerblen

    what kind of lighting for a 55 gallon tank?

    i dont know it's a 55 gallon the tank is aobut six months if that helps
  15. lawnmowerblen

    Lawn Mower Blenny

    i have 1 damsel it's pure black with some neon blue stripes
  16. lawnmowerblen

    Lawn Mower Blenny

    i have never seen a mean lawnmower blenny the guy i got mine from said it was a diamon back goby i laughed and left it was funny
  17. lawnmowerblen

    Lawn Mower Blenny

    i hope i get more blennys they are so sweet
  18. lawnmowerblen

    Lawn Mower Blenny

    it took awhile for mine to meat but my Engineer Goby almost took a bite out of most of my damsels so i had to watch him but he stopped after my Engineer Goby met my lawnmower blenny i didnt have to worry about him eating my other fish and "friendley" tanks are aswome my friend has one with...
  19. lawnmowerblen

    Lawn Mower Blenny

    sweet you have a Engineer Goby and Lawnmower Blenny mine are best friends
  20. lawnmowerblen

    reef images (a fish store ) says that Engineer Gobys are agrisive is that true

    i just dont know it is hard to know i saw one guys was like 1 foot