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  1. tmgpp

    zero impact reef

    ok, right now i don't have a camera, it was stolen while i was in london. as to coral, I have 13 verities. all are soft except for the frogspawn, and galaxia. I get them cheep, because i have gone to the same LFS my whole life. I remember getting a turtle there for my fifth birthday (she is...
  2. tmgpp

    we need to but aqua corals!

    everything in my tank is captive propagated, i only have one dull coral, and have never payed more than $15 for any coral, and that was frogspawn.
  3. tmgpp

    zero impact reef

    i have a 12 gal nano cube, and my clown fish is captive breed, and my corals are all frags that have been captive propagated. i don't have a clean up crew, but everything is clean after 18 months, and it is perfect. i did not use live rock, or live sand, i just put a handful of it in a sump of...
  4. tmgpp

    Babies are here!

    how long did you have them before they had babies?
  5. tmgpp

    How much money have you wasted?

    after one year, i am proud to say that i have lost zero dollars. i have yet to lose a fish or a coral. I don't have a clean up crew, because they are all wild caught, but my tank looks great even without snails or crabs (only a little algae).
  6. tmgpp

    Tony's Exotic LPS and Zoanthid tank

    fragging and selling corals from your tanks is a wonderful thing to do. I have great concern for the reef, so every one of my corals is a frag from another tank, so i would like to thank everyone who is doing this to help the world, or for money because they are still helping even if that is...
  7. tmgpp

    tank raised yellowheaded jaw fish

  8. tmgpp

    tank raised yellowheaded jaw fish

    hey i have been in SW for about one year now, and have been very careful to only buy captive bread fish, and coral frags from others tanks. i have always wanted a yellow headed jaw fish, but cant find one that is tank raised. i know that it has been done, but don't know why the LFS doesn't...
  9. tmgpp

    20Long mixed reef with Pics

    oh, and your tank makes me want to start a reef in the 20 long in my garage, I have a 12 nano cube, but I need more
  10. tmgpp

    20Long mixed reef with Pics

    how long has this tank been up
  11. tmgpp

    Help me decide!

    if you have 700 why are you thinking about getting all of that stuff. you could just get some reals nice corals for your aquapod.
  12. tmgpp

    clean up crews?

    i have a 12 gal nano cube with no clean up, and i get along just fine
  13. tmgpp

    2700 gallon aquarium pics

  14. tmgpp

    my new buddys

    how big is your tank? i have wanted them but i believe my tank to be to small
  15. tmgpp

    JBJ Nano cube

    ive had a 12 nano cube for a year now, and love it. ive had no problems with the lights, and only change ive made is i turned the back into a refugium
  16. tmgpp

    8 gal bio cube picture diary!!! Start day 10/28/07

    ya, and i want a tank raised one. i only have tank raised inhabitants in my 12 nano. and i want a shrimp. my lfs says it cant be done w/ cleaner shrimp.
  17. tmgpp

    why isn't my tank messed up?

    oh ya, change your water. it doesn't take that lazy___.
  18. tmgpp

    why isn't my tank messed up?

    i use tap water b/c i am a poor student, and i had terrible problems w/ algae until i got a phosphate remover. now all is well.
  19. tmgpp

    24gal Nano Reef Algae problem

    nothing comes from the reef. all tank raised so we don't harm the environment. i even used old rocks and stuff
  20. tmgpp

    24gal Nano Reef Algae problem

    i have a zero impact nano reef (12 gal). and only have tank raised fish and corals. due to the problem of finding tank raised inverts, i have no clean up crew what so ever, and consequently i spent a great deal of time fighting algae. luckily about 3 weeks ago all of my algae disappeared and...